DIY Star Wars Melt and Pour Soaps

DIY Star Wars Melt and Pour Soaps is a paid collaborative post with The Soapery. Pour and melt soap is a brilliantly versatile soap that does what it says on the tin – You melt it and then pour it into molds to set. You can add fragrance with essential oils, as we have here and add soap colouring or use cosmetic grade Mica as we have. It is brilliant to use with kids and simple and easy to use.

Learn how to make your own DIY Star Wars-inspired soaps with this tutorial for DIY Star Wars melt and pour soaps that create fun shaped soaps including Darth Vader, Millenium Falcon, R2D2, Xwing fighters, Hans Solo.

Melt and pour soap is an excellent option for beginners and making with kids. All you have to do is melt the premade base, customize it with your favourite colours and scents, and pour it into a mould. As soon as it is set you can use it. I love getting children involved in creative activities and this is brilliant to make with boys and they make great gifts too. Before you start you might also want to check out our beginners guide to melt and pour soaps.

This Star Wars soap making recipe for kids is a geeky awesome project that smells amazing! Perfect for May the 4th!

DIY Star Wars Soap

Ingredients Required:

Tools Required:

When working with kids, it is essential to have all the supplies everything you might need to hand, it saves running off to get them. Also you will have most of what you need already, unless you are going to be a master soap maker then there is no need for a soap cutter or special tools.

  • Jug or pyrex measuring cup
  • Small Spray bottle
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • Chopping board
  • Microwave
  • Bowl
  • Pan (optional)
  • Silicon Molds
  • Cling Film (optional)
DIY Star Wars Melt and Pour Soaps

How much soap is needed per mould?

Pour water into your soap moulds and then weigh how much it takes to fill them. Add an extra 5% just to be sure.

We bought this set of Star Wars molds and you can mould Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, X-wing fighter, the Millennium Falcon, R2-D2, and even Han Solo in carbonate. I like that we can just yse white and grey for the most of the soaps.

DIY Star Wars Melt and Pour Soaps Tutorial

We used Opaque White Melt and Pour Soap Base which is SLS Free and a vegetable glycerine-based soap that is a perfect blank canvas – The neutral scent and colour of this soap base really lends itself to a huge range of recipes, your imagination is the only limit and it is so versatile.

TIP – If making with children use a microwave safe measuring cup and craft stick to stir. The smaller pouring cup will be easier for them to handle.

Chop up your soap base into small cubes (the small chunks melt quicker). Heat your soap base on 30 second increments in the microwave until it’s fully melted. You can gently stir between bursts to make sure the clumps are all separated.

Optional – Once fully melted, spray a little rubbing alcohol to disperse the bubbles and place the clingfilm over the top of the jug which will help prevent skin from forming on the melted soap whilst you prepare the colour and fragrance.

Start by adding your colour to the melted soap base. Start small and increase until you get to the colour you wish. You can always add more colour but you can not take it away. If using Mica powder then take care to stir well through and remove any lumps without adding air to the mix and add the cling film or plastic wrap over the jug when complete.

When it comes to the scent I personally opt for essential oils rather than a synthetic fragrances. My boys love the peppermint smell. If I wanted a soothing smell then lavender or chamomile is delicious and skin safe.

The ideal temperature to add your fragrance is 60 degrees c, so you can check if you have a thermometer. If air bubbles form whilst stirring, give it a spray with rubbing alcohol.

TIP – Start with the lightest colour soaps, so for this we added white mica to the melted white soap base and pourted those soaps first before adding the grey colour mica.

Our first set of soaps were all white – R2Dr, The X-wings and Storm Troupers. The Millenium Falcon was light grey, followed by darker grey for Hans Solo in the Carbonite and then black for Darth Vader. All the colours we achieved with mica powder.

We wanted to make these soaps perfect for making with children so opted to use just one layer and one shade of colour per soap. However, pour and melt soap gives crisp and clean layers. I really like the grey color we achieved with the mica, however if you wanted a deep dark black colour for Darth Vadar then use African Black Pour and Melt Soap Base and add black Mica a small piece of black soap colourant.

Spray your mold with rubbing alcohol and then smoothly pour in the liquid soap mixture. Spray the soap mixture with more rubbing alcohol to prevent air bubbles on the surface.

Then you need to allow the soap to set. Setting times vary depending on where you are in the world (the air temperate) and the size of your block. The soap should be hard enough to unmold in a few hours.

You can hurry this along by putting the mold in the refrigerator, but don’t put it into the freezer. The soap just pops out of the moulds really easily most of the time and they are super intricate and look fantastic. Perfect for keeping any star wars fan clean. They would also be great to pop in goody bags at birthdays.

Wrap them in cling film or greaseproof paper to stop them from attracting water.

Please note: Our tutorial is designed for personal use only. You will need to follow all legal responsibilities before selling any products that come into contact with skin.

Learn how to make your own DIY Star Wars-inspired soaps with this tutorial for DIY Star Wars melt and pour soaps that create fun shaped soaps including Darth Vader, Millenium Falcon, R2D2, Xwing fighters, Hans Solo.
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