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Diy Toy Parachute Craft

This DIY toy parachute is simple enough to make with your children but also so engaging it will create hours of fun. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your very own homemade parachute toy with only a few simple materials that you are likely to have at home.

Make Learning fun with this simple toy parachute craft.

Depending on the age of your children you can discuss gravity and how a parachute works with air resistance. A great way to demonstrate this is to drop the toy with and without the parachute and time it.

This DIY toy parachute is simple enough to make with your children but also so engaging it will create hours of fun and is a cool kids science activity

It is fun to make different sized and shape parachutes out of different materials (we used carrier bags, envelopes and ziplock bags. Also, does the length of the strings make a difference? Does the size of the canopy make a difference or even the shape or weight of the parachute?

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  • Parachute material – we used carrier bags, envelopes and ziplock bags
  • Tapestry needle (large-eyed needle)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Loom bands (optional)
  • Loom band S clips (optional)
  • Scissors (please ensure parental supervision before using)
  • Permanent markers

How to make a DIY Toy Parachute

First, you need to cut your chosen parachute material into your chosen shape like this circle. We used a paper plate as a template but also used a compass to draw larger circles.

Canopy for a toy parachute

Cut out your circles and mark four points for the cord to be threaded through.

decorating the canopy for a toy parachute

Decorate your parachute. If you are colouring carrier bags then make sure you use sharpies, so they do not smudge. if you are recycling a large envelope, then standard felt tips, pencils, crayons or paints are fine.

Tie the string onto the toy parachute canopy

Thread your embroidery thread in to a large headed needed and push through the parachute. Tie a knot in the end and cut your thread to your desired length.

Adding a s ring to the parachute

Tie all four threads into a knot.

Take a loom band (I am sure you must have some left lying around after the loom band craze) and place it over the arm of your toy around the back and over the other arm. If you don’t have any loom or elastic bands then you can just tie two threads to each of the toy arms.

Then take a loom band S clip and attach to the loom band and the other side clip over the thread from the parachute.

How to make a DIY toy parachute. This fun science activity is simple to make and will provide hours of fun for kids.

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