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Can you believe that is is nearly two years since we brought Alvin in to our family.  He turns two on April 18th and we can not imagine life without him.  After being a cat family we have tuned in to a dog family and are really looking forward to watching Crufts this year! I mean how do you even choose the right pet for your family

al and maxi

We have also had a great deal of fun the last few days watching these fab “Ninja Dogs” who will get you if you disrespect the chocolate in Balsen Pick Up Biscuits!

We have a sneak peek of the advert for you below……..

Do you have a #‎chocninja‬ Ninja Dog?  Alvin used to be terrible when we ate, but is getting better,sits and watches intently when you are eating!

If you do have a ninja dog then make sure you share a picture of your #‎chocninja‬ with Pick Up Biscuits for the chance to win some yummy biccies and whilst you are at it take a look at the Pick Up Facebook page where they are some ace video’s of other Ninja Dogs and who doesn’t love a good dog video.

benefits of having a dog

Whilst we are talking about pets, I want to share with you the benefits we have found as a family from having Alvin around.

Dogs are companionship – not just someone to cuddle, walk and talk to, but also read too.  The amount of times we have found Maxi and Alvin curled up with Maxi reading out loud to him.

Dogs teach responsibility – Both the boys help with the daily care of Alvin, this teaches them not only responsibility, but also about trust and nurturing.  The boys understand that Alvin, just like people, needs food, shelter, exercise and love

Dogs help with health – Experts say that children who grow up with pets are less likely to develop common allergies thanks to early exposure to certain bacteria. (Of course, some children are genuinely allergic to animals).  A 2012 study determined that children who lived with dogs were generally healthier during their first year of life, with fewer respiratory problems and less frequent ear infections than kids without canines. Another pro to pets? Brushing, patting, or stroking a furry creature can lower stress levels.

Dogs improve our fitness – Alvin encourages us all to get out and exercise.  I walk him twice when the boys are at school and they walk him after school, but more than that he encourages us to enjoy family outings.

Do you have a pet?


benefits of dogs

18 thoughts on “The Benefits of having a dog as a family

  • Sophie

    Pets are great for teaching kids responsibilities, although don’t rely on them. Funnily enough I am right in the middle of an argument with my three children about who was the last to clean out the guinea pig cage. They don’t believe that it was me! Sophie —

  • Phoebe @ Lou Messugo

    I agree with all your pros of having a dog. I grew up with dogs and cats and would like my children to grow up with pets too BUT…. my husband is completely uninterested, to the point of anti. I know the whole thing would rest on my shoulders and no matter how much the kids say they’d help, that would wear off after a short time (as I’ve seen happen with ALL my friends who have dogs). And we travel heaps! Having a dog would complicate that. So it looks like we’ll stay dog-free for a while longer…

  • angela hamilton

    We had a dog when I was young, his name was Scamp. He was a fantastic dog and I loved him to bits. He would follow me around the house and if I fell when playing with my friends he would come running out the house and sit next to me until my mum got there, well he was always faster lol. I can’t wait to have a house big enough so we can get a dog but at the moment we live in a flat so it wouldn’t be fair as we have no garden and not much space. x

  • Erica Price

    We have cats rather than dogs, but I do feel that having pets is a key part of childhood. It does teach responsibility, but I think the health benefits are important too.

  • Ness

    My daughter is terrified of dogs because we have been attacked so many times whilst walking back and forwards to school.

  • Ryan Costello

    We love dogs and had a beautiful spaniel that we had to rehome and can no longer have them. My wife developed a serious allergy to them during her first pregnancy and it never went away. A trip to the hospital on boxing day a couple of years back was the straw that sadly broke the camels back 🙁

  • zingzingtree

    Alvin is wonderful. We’re a cat family. Two are definitely ninja cats. The other is more of a bear. When your that big you don’t need ninja skills!

  • Healthier Mummy

    Your dog looks very sweet. We don’t have a pet yet but are currently discussing what we would have. I think at the moment a cat is winning. But one day, I would like a dog too.

  • Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours

    Aww is this a Bischon? My Dad has one, she’s 9 now but we all love her… yours is gorgeous! This so makes me want me want a dog, and one like this! It definitely makes you get out more, I looked after my Dad’s dog two years ago now when he went to Australia, we had her for 8 weeks and we went out all the time finding new places to take her! Really missed her when she went home!

  • Aly

    We’ve been considering a pet for a long time but I don’t think we’re a dog family.I did love having one as a child but I just can’t give as much time as I would like at the moment to a dog.Thanks for taking part in the Parenting Pin-It Party.

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