Do you have “Mum” guilt? 19

Do you have mum guilt?  No not that constant feeling that you could be a better mum (I think that is something that we all suffer from, nope this is a different type of Mum guilt!

losing the mum guilt

Before the boys were born I swear that I would walk past a shoe shop and a pair of shoes would talk to me, no they would shout at me and I was unable to resist that call.  I used to spend all my money on me or MadDad and not once did I feel guilty about that.  Then came parenthood and POW, I found this odd new thing that made me feel guilty when I splurged on myself.

I think that the feeling and guilt was compounded with the fact that I was initially on maternity leave and then a stay at home mum and felt that I wasn’t contributing to the family financially, but even when I started bringing in a part time income the “Mum guilt” was still there till very recently and even now it still rears it’s ugly head every now and then.

Plus “Mum Guilt” isnt just when I buy myself something, nope, it used to be there when I took time out for myself and left the boys with the husband to parent (yes parent, not babysit)!

Recently I have been offered a few different products and things to review that were for me and not the family and I decided to say yes. I decided that I needed to go cold turkey and just accept that I need and WANT things too!

Jord Wooden Watch

Are you a watch person?  I am.  I know that some people just use their phones to tell the time, but I have worn the same watch for the last 11 years. So not only am I a watch person, but I am a person of habit too.

Jord wooden watch

I was intrigued when I was ordered a Jord Wooden Watch to review.  Would I wear it? What makes them so unique? Could it ever replace my beloved watch?

I chose the Kora in rose gold.  Rose gold is a big trend at the moment and as I usually wear a stainless steel watch I wanted something completely different.

First impressions when it arrived was “woah, it is much bigger than my old watch”.  This watch is a real statement piece and is really beautiful.  The face is a beautiful shade and the crystals really sparkle in the sun and complement the shade of the koa wood.  Then when I picked it up out of the box I couldn’t believe how lightweight this watch was.  Seriously, it is super lightweight, but really well engineered.  Then you see the back and the open aperture lets you see the inner workings, which is the icing on the cake.

I have been wearing my new watch for the last month and I seriously adore it.  It is so unique that people comment on it all the time.  It is functional and stylish at the same time and so comfortable to wear.

From a practical purpose it is splash proof, so I haven’t worried about taking it off during the day.  I have only removed it when I bath and sleep (or go swimming).  I even wore it during a water fight with the minimads.   Did I say that it is an automatic watch too, so no battery and no need to wind it up.  It has kept perfect time for the last four weeks,

Now I am not a fashion or style blogger, but I am a busy working mum and the Jord Wooden Watch is perfect for me.  It is practical, beautiful and makes a statement.  I love that it isnt the same as other watches.  I love that it is made of wood, which is such a tactile material.  I love that it is comfortable to wear and I lso love that this watch is going to last me a long time.

I am going to admit that a Jord Wooden Watch is going to be an investment piece, but that what piece of jewelry isn’t, but when you break it down to the cost per wear, it will be one of the best value peices that you own.

I certainly have no Mum Guilt over owning such a beautiful timepiece!

Soniclear skin cleansing brush

I have been using my current skincare regime ever since my mum introduced me to LIz Earle on QVC at the beginning of time.  It suits my skin and I love the products.

I have really sensitive skin so often turn down product reviews when it comes to skincare, but when I read about the Soniclear cleansing brush and that you could use it with your current products I was intrigued.   I should also say that the Soniclear comes with both a face and body brush.

The Soniclear is apparently pretty unique as it is the first ever sonic skin cleansing brush with built in antimicrobial protection against stain and odor causing bacteria meaning the brush stays cleaner therefore so does your skin.

What you get in the box:

• 1 Soniclear™ Device
• 1 Charging Cradle
• 1 Facial Brush Head With Cover
• 1 Body Brush Head With Cover
• 1 Charging Cord

I added the Soniclear to both my face and body cleaning regium.  I use it in conjunction with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish day and night and I totally love it. So much so that I have used it daily since February.  It sits in my ensuite and I charge it once a week.  The brushes are still as good today as they were when I first started using it.

I feel like it compliments my current regime making it more effective.  I seem to use less product and my skin great.  I have very few breakouts and am really happy with it.

I use the body brush much less regularly, mainly as the soniclear is in my ensuite, rather than the fact that it isn’t a great multifaceted product!

The only thing I dislike is the colour.  I have a Tangerine Dream Soniclear, which you might guess is bright orange!

Paul Heaton and Diane Abbott at Dalby Forest

Before children we used to be avid festival goers and loved music, but since having the boys we haven’t been to a gig other than seeing Glee Live! The husbeast was a huge Beautiful South fan and we have seen them live a couple of times in the past and when he heard that Paul Heaton and Diane Abbott where going to be live at Dalby Forest he really wanted to go.

Paul Heaton and Diane Abbott at Dalby Forest

If you have never been to a Forest Live gig before, then you are in for a real treat, especially if the weather is kind.  Amazing music in an amazing setting. My BIL had been to see Paloma Faith the night before and was raving about it, so we were really excited.

Paul Heaton and Diane Abbott at Dalby Forest

What can I say, it didn’t disappoint and we will definitely be booking for Forest Live next year.   The venue’s are really out of this world.  There is something magical about listening to live music in a forest clearing on a summers night.  The acoustics were great and we had a super view of the stage. The only downside was getting out, but we expected that and had a good laugh at the people who were pushing their way in to the queue, especially when one who had been so insistent broke down (karma)!

If you have teens or tweens then Forest Live would be a great way to introduce them to a gig as it was so well marshalled.

losing the mum guilt

Wooden Watches by JORD

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