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How to Document A Year in the Life of Your Child with Photography

Any mum will know that you spend a large part of your time taking photographs of your child.  They grow so fast and their baby days are fleeting so it’s no wonder that we want to get so many snaps.  But, just how many ways are there to document a year in the life of your child?  Turns out there are a lot and they are getting more and more creative.

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Photographing Pregnancy

Whilst some mum’s may not consider pregnancy to be the pinnacle of their beauty, when you look back on it you realise just how special a time it really is.  In reality it is a time that should be celebrated, after all you are growing a small human in your belly.

Living in such a technological age, we can take photos of virtually every moment and what’s more, we can do some pretty special things with those photographs afterwards.

This gorgeous video is the perfect way to document a growing tummy.  In fact it’s not a video at all but actually a series of photos which were taken over the course of the pregnancy and lovingly strung together afterwards.  Now, that’s a home movie that you wouldn’t mind watching.

Documenting a Year in the Life of Your Child

When it comes to photographing your child, you could leave it to the professionals who specialise in baby photography.  Companies like use props from around your home and capture some truly special moments for a stunning piece of art work to hang in your home.

For parents who just can’t stop snapping photos of their child, here are some more fun ways for how you can utilise photography to capture the changes your child will go through in a year.

  1. Chalkboard and chairs – this is a relatively simple idea but one which is extremely effective in documenting a child’s growth.  Simply place a comfy chair in front of a chalkboard, sit baby on the chair and write ‘1 month’, ‘two years’, ‘4.5 years’ etc in chalk on the board.  Each month take a photograph of your little one and by the end of the year you will have a series of photos that will look great in frames.
  2.  A Year in Photos – this one takes no time at all but looks fantastic at the end of the year.  If you want to capture a year of growth from day 1 to aged 1 or even aged 4 to aged 5 then this one is for you.  Simply snap your child every day and turn the photographs into a collage of photographs at the end of the year.
  3.  Sticker Bellies – The idea behind sticker bellies would be to attach a number to your son or daughter’s top each month for one year.  At the start of each month photograph your little one and see just how much he or she has grown each month.  Frame the photographs at the end of the year and turn them into a centre piece on the wall for art work like no other.
  4.  Milestone Cards – make use of milestone cards to note down major milestones whether that be first steps, first word or first A grade at college.  Set the milestone cards next to a photograph of baby on that day and keep to show your child when he or she has grown up.
  5.  Cuddly Toy – Choose your child’s favourite cuddly toy, preferably a big one, and prop it up next to him or her for a photograph each month.  This one is great for documenting growth over a year and will look great in a photo album to embarrass your son or daughter with when they get older.

Have you got any more fun ways to document a year in the life of your child?

Photo Credit: Tabitha Blue