Doesnt everything Look Better in the Morning 11

Thank you so much for your kind comments last night, they were a real tonic.  I couldnt hit the sherry too hard, as we didnt have a lot left as I had used it in the Christmas Cakes and Puddings!!!
MadDad and my wonderful FIL managed to get things sorted and now we are beginning the drying out stage.  They made a tiny whole in the ceiling and most of the water drained through that in the utility area.
I have mopped the floor and we are starting on the washing moutain in the hope that some of the marks etc will come out of them.
Things we have learned:
It is good to know where your stopcock is (I did thankfully)
Things alway look better in the light of day.
It pays to have a handy father
It is only bricks and mortar, the people who make this house a home are all fine.
So we are going to clean the carpet, paint the ceiling and make sure there is no long term damage.  We have spoke to the insurance company and our excess possibly prohibits a claim for us at this time. 
Have a wonderful weekend friends one and all.