Don’t Be Blind: Keeping Your Nursery Safe and Stylish

In the midst of the “nesting” phase of pregnancy, most prospective mothers (and fathers, for that matter) are excitedly preparing a nursery for their imminent arrival. It’s certainly one of the most thrilling parts of the nine month period – but few would disagree that it’s also incredibly daunting.

While we don’t want to put too much of a downer on this period, there’s far more to decisions than what paint to throw on the wall. As you may have guessed through the title of this piece, we’re specifically going to concentrate on blinds here and highlight just what considerations need to be made. Unfortunately, these don’t all relate to style – there are some serious safety factors to bear in mind. Therefore, sit tight, and read through our guide on how to make your nursery’s windows the safest and most stylish in the neighbourhood.

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Let’s get the safety factors out of the way – blind cords can kill

We’ll start with the most practical, and potentially lifesaving, tip that you can implement whilst making your choice on your type of window treatment.

There have been countless harrowing stories of fatalities surrounding children playing with dangling blind cords. They act as a huge strangulation hazard and before you even consider whether to opt for a Venetian or blackout style, you need to ensure you know the basics on how to keep your little one safe.

Fortunately, over recent years manufacturers have become more susceptible to the potential dangers that are associated with blinds and children. It’s now possible to purchase cordless blinds and if you are building for a nursery, this is a suggestion that you should seriously consider. It means that cords are either non-existent, or are just not visible, meaning that the risk is immediately limited.

If you have already purchased your set of blinds it’s still possible to improve safety by installing fixings to the wall that prevent the cord from dangling freely, but it goes without saying that the cordless option is by far and away the safest and the one that most safety groups are encouraging.

Blackout blinds might buy you hours of sleep

If you’re a first-time parent, you probably haven’t appreciated sleep like you’re about to. In short, you’re not going to have enough of it and even if a tiny amount of natural light is allowed to creep into your little one’s room, don’t be surprised if they’re ready to rise and shine at 5am.

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It’s in these cases that blackout blinds are an absolute godsend. Little needs explaining regarding the technology here – they are a solid shade and just prevent that dreaded morning lightness entering the room. Baby will sleep better and in turn, you will too.

Your decisions can go down to the mounting

This final consideration is completely related to style, but it might also make your life easier if you opt to “upgrade” your baby’s window treatment in the future. While this decision always boils down to personal preference, experience would suggest that the inner-mounted blind is always more suited to nurseries. Particularly if you are opting to use blackout blinds, this then allows you to install a set of curtains “in front” of the blind to ultimately make the room a little more personable. As your little one grows older and starts to develop their own tastes, it’s much easier to install your set of cartoon-themed curtains in front of an inner mounted blind than it would be if you opted for the outer option.