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Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

As I go into hospital on Monday, I feel as though I have to get everything done this weekend, so I can go in knowing that most things that are important are completed.  A bit like going on holiday knowing you have a clean house to come back to.
So I am busy dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s so to speak.   I am cleaning, ironing, menu planning, tidying, reading, sewing, stitching, wishing I could knit and crochet and many, many other things.  Now I am doing these things for my peace of mind, not because I think the house wouldn’t go on without me, as I know that not to be true, but I would rather be in the best frame of mind I can be come the time on Monday.  Doing this gives me some control.  Not a lot, but it allows me to take a little control of what I can, which is a good thing in times like these.
I thought it might be a good idea to do a virtual to do list for the weekend
Finnish stuffing and sewing the boys hearts
post a message in each of them
record a message on voice teddy
emergency contact list for the school
pack hospital bag
charge ipod and load some new songs on
tidy play room
menu plan and shopping list for 2 weeks
Set aside school lunch money and snack money
Do maximads homework with him
ironing and put away
wash door mats and replace
change our bed
Bake cakes for trick or treat
Fill up snack tin with baked goodies
Write letters and post
pack 2 parcels and post
Sort boys school clothes out for the week
Set Sky+ to record the necessaries
Order some books for boys for Christmas
Trick or treating with the boys and MadDad
Take down all Halloween decorations
find small flask for park hot chocolate
Get out manual with how to do everything for the boys (wrote before I went into hospital the last time), this covers everything from how to cook porridge correctly for maximad to which songs to sing when minimad is upset.  Check and update if necessary.
Change the calender to next week
Write a “special” letter for MadDad
I am sure that there is more that needs doing but I am going to try and get some sleep now with a note book by my bed in case anything pops to mind!!
See you tomorrow

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