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Sometimes it can be hard getting my boys to do something creative.  At the moment, they rush home from school and are desperate to get out and play with their mate and if the weather is bad then they will ask if they can play on the XBox.    Sometimes I need something that they can do that is fast, fun and doesn’t take any planning and this is where drawing comes in. Drawing for fun.

How to keep your kids drawing for fun. Keep the joy of creativity in your kids life, but keeping them drawing even through the tween and teen years

My boys at nearly 10 and 11 do find a blank sheet of paper intimidating rather than inviting.  This is a stage that a lot of children go through, heck it is a stage that a lot of adults are still at.  Me included.

Drawing for fun

Not only can that sheep of paper be intimidating but our expectation of our drawings to be realistic can be really offputting.  The need to make the picture look “right” leads to a crisis for many older children.  In trying to draw realistic, children often get disappointed of their own drawings. So it is really important to focus on the process, not the outcome.  I want to make sure that the boys keep drawing and ensure that they find it fun.  So over the next couple of weeks we are going to be using our #screenfree time to draw as a family.

Remember: Everyone can draw.  Drawing, like writing and reading, is a skill and not just a gift given to a few.

Drawing for fun

To start with we were challenged by Sunlife to draw a celebrity and the boys took on the challenge.  Now bear in mind that my we don’t really do celebrities here, so that is a very loose term!

drawing for fun

Can you guess who they are?

drawing for fun

This is Maxi’s drawing and the one below is Mini’s

Indiana Jones

Do you need clues?  Well, they are from movies.  If you really want to know then you will have to scroll down to the end!

SunLife have enlisted the blossoming creative talents of several nursery school children to bring you a new kind of amusement. They are challenging your artistic eye and knowledge of the latest in celebrity entertainment with their quiz.  See if you can guess who these nine celebrities are, based on the creative interpretations of toddlers.

the queenq1

More fun drawing

My boys really enjoyed doing this and I loved their choices.  So much so that I decided that we needed to embrace creativity and lose our fear of the blank sheet.  So I took the advice of an online mate and ordered Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids (UK link/US Link)  Book by the amazing Jeanette Nyberg who blogs at Craft Whack


Jeanette’s book is all about prompting spontaneous creativity and laughter in your home.  This is the book you need to realise that you don’t have to be a trained artist or crafty DIYer in order to get all creative up in your grill. Whatever that means!

Drawing for fun

So keep an eye out on our Instagram account and see what we have been up to over the coming week.  Oh and if you are on Instagram come and follow us and share your details in the comment so we can follow you back.

How to keep your kids drawing for fun. Keep the joy of creativity in your kids life, but keeping them drawing even through the tween and teen years

Jack Sparrow and Indiana Jones

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10 thoughts on “Drawing for fun

  • Caitlin

    I like your post, children should be encouraged to draw, but I don’t agree with you for one thing: everybody can draw. Yes, everybody can draw, but not everybody can do it well, and to go deeper in the issue, that’s the thing that makes people to live in illusions, like for example to think that they are truly genuine artists…
    But simply drawing is great for kids!

  • Kara

    I am going to guess Captain Jack Sparrow and Woody from Toy Story – this looks like a great book to help learn to draw

  • Emma

    That book looks great, I’m not the best at drawing, but my girls are fab.

    I love the boy’s pictures too. x

  • Anthea

    I love books that encourage and help kids learn to draw. We have quite a few books of different styles and they really help make the girls feel positive about their capability and encourage them to explore and develop their own style

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