Drink Bottle Skittles 3

MaxiMad has wanted to make skittles from drinks bottles for a while, so we started collecting the bottles (thanks Grandma) and once we had 15 we decided to make a start. I knew it was going to be a long and messy project so was prepared for this and PVA’d the bottles, so that the paint would stick.
The boys decided to do a first coat of white paint, so I added a little PVA to the mix and let them slap it on. That took a day to dry. I then added another coat overnight, to fill in any gaps.
Today we decided to paint the bottles in bright colours, so I got the paint out, put their art smocks on and let them lose. It was wonderful, they sploshed, striped, dotted, hand printed and basically had loads of fun making the skittles as colourful as possible.
I then added a small amount of water to make them more stable and put the tops back on. Once they are finally dry I am planning a final coat of PVA to make them a little more durable and then we are going to have a family bowling game.

I am a lot more relaxed about messy projects now they have good smocks and know that the paint is washable. In fact it was funny watching MadDad cringe at the mess!!

drink bottle skittles

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3 thoughts on “Drink Bottle Skittles

  • TheMadHouse

    We have been having super fun with these, I am thinkling of putting numbers on them. Cant wait to see your version.

  • Roselyn

    This has to be hmourous. I would guess that it may well be a woman writing it due to phraseology. Would a man write this: “My spine straightens straight up and my ears are on full alert, like a deer who has heard a noise while sipping water from a creek.”?BTW – if you want to go on strike by a and park it in the driveway. It may well be more nicely equipped than your house. You don’t want your “better half” to think your suffering.

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