I am struggling at the moment, to find my get up and go, yes as per all the cliches it has got up and gone.
I had blood tests last week and I am already anemic again, my lips are splitting at the sides and the junior doctor who discharged me after my last transfusion didn’t order the additional tests I needed, which means I still don’t have a date for further investigations.
But my blood results showed that it is unlikely I have pernicious anemia as my B12 level was still up thanks too the injection I had received. 
I feel like sitting and crying, I keep asking why me, why my family.  Surely we have been through enough.  I am tired all the time, not the normal go and have a nap and everything will be alright tired.  No what I am experiencing is like walking through treacle. I am exhausted, but have lost the ability to find restorative sleep.
My temper is shot, I am usually patient with the boys but the anger I am experiencing is red hot.  I want to lash out and hurt people, I want to bang my aching arms in to the wall.  I want to sit and let all the red hot pain out through the tears which burn by checks as they fall.  
But it doest go, it remains seated firmly inside me,  making me no fun to be with.  This is not me, I don’t recognise this person I am becoming.  Everything is too much trouble, to much effort.
I miss my caffeine, I miss my get up and go, I miss the all encompassing feeling of joy of doing something with the boys.  
My housework is getting on top of me, it is hard keeping up with my appointments, let alone my mums.  I am feeling terribly guilty as I have had to ask my brother to take mum to the consultants this week, as I can not find the time to take her alongside everything else I need to do.

Yesterday was also the first day back at school for the minimads and now I can not wait for the school holidays to come.  I missed them, my hear physically ached for them and couldn’t wait to pick them up and have a big cuddle!

I fear I am drowning.