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Ducklings – my little swimmers

I take the minimads swimming once a week and have done since both of them were six weeks old. It is important to me and MadDad that they have confidence in the water and enjoy swimming.

The Eldest MiniMad graduated to swimming lessons on a Tuesday afternoon just after his forth birthday and is really enjoying the Independence that it brings and is currently doing his Duckings 4 badge. The youngest and I go to an organised session on a Wednesday morning and he has just completed his Duckings 2.

However, over the holidays both the Mini’s and I will be going every Wednesday morning. we used to all go together until April anyway. Swimming is one of the exercises that I find really easy to do after the mastectomy, although my muscles do hurt a little on the evening.

I forgot how much fun it is taking two of them and trying to get them dressed and get myself dressed too. I do find that a lolly whilst dressing them keeps them quiet and gives me the chance to get dressed to.