Duplo Police Station Review

Whenever I am asked what to buy children over the age of 24 Months.  I have two stock responses Playmobil 123 or Lego Duplo.  We have never been fans of megablocks, they seem such a short term solitions, espeically as Lego Duplo is COMPATABLE with Lego (the hint is in the name you know).

As part of out Lego Duplo Expect staus we were sent the Police station (4861) to review.

We liked:

Mu boys are on the top age range for Lego Duplo, but there is still plenty of play they can get out of a set like this.  It is so much fun to watch them build the set with out any help from either MadDad or myself.  Not only can they follow the instructions, but they can also build the alternative set ups with out any instructions. It is a comprehensive set and for around £3o you get the police station, police car with lights and sound, helicopter, phone, motorbike and robber, oh not to forget the police man too.

We weren’t Keen:

Nothing not to like about Lego Duplo, we are currently using some lego blocks which were mine, so it goes on and on.


Duplo is a great size for smaller hands, the bricks are too large to be mouth sized and it is great for imaginative play.  The boys currently have this set, a Lego city plane and a shuttle on their play table and they are using all the sets together and having great fun.