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Duvet days with Disney

We had a duvet day on Thursday last week, the first day off school sick for both the boys ever.  Guess how we spent the day, yes you would be right, we spend it on the sofa in the sitting room snuggled under a blanket in our pj’s watching Disney Blue Rays and cuddling.
Beauty and the Beast is one of the few Disney Movies that I didn’t see first time round (in 1991) and now I have the boys it gives met he excuse to enjoy it now.  This movie kept me nad both the minimads engrossed.  We loved it, it was just scary enough to make the boys feel brave for watching it.  The beast was just ugly enough for you to believe that Belle could never fall in love with him and  the music was just captivating enough, that it left us all singing it too.
In contrast to Beauty and the Beasts we also watched Disney’s latest movie The Princess and the Frog.  Although in many ways you would never guess there was 25 years between them and for me that is the magic of The Princess and the Frog.  It goes back to Disney’s routes and traditions and is a magical musical tale, which had us all entranced.
So even though we were feeling pretty under the weather, we had a lovely day cuddling, singing (well croaking) along to the movies and spent some quality time recuperating together.

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