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Over 20 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

We are so looking forward to the Easter holidays at the Mad House and one of our traditions is to decorate eggs.  Not only as it is fun to do, but also for a competition at my brother’s club and the cubs too.  We never do anything overly elaborate, but we really enjoy it.

20 egg decorating ideas for kids

Egg decorating should be fun for both you and your children, so why not get inspired by these simple, easy and achievable easter egg decorating ideas for kids.

Before we dip into the easter egg designs for children I want to share with you my most favourite method that Sophie (Goldnuss on Instagram) is queen of. She decorates eggs so intricatly using feathers to create a wax resist before dying the eggs with natural dyes.

She has a highlight showing all her designs and inspiration and also a how-to so that you can do the same. They are always so beautiful and her children get involved too. I adore the different colours that using natural dye and vinegar can achieve. These eggs do not look DIY at all, I would pay for them.

Materials for Easter Egg Decorating

ps to gather all the materials and equipment you will need for decorating the eggs before you start. For younger children you can use wooden eggs or craft eggs are they are much more durable and forgiving than real eggs and don’t get than the smell that happens if a hard-boiled egg gets cracked! When it comes to dying or colouring eggs you can use food colouring or egg dye and with younger children, it often pays to do this part before you set to decorating with the children. You can wrap rubber bands or yarn around the eggs before dying them to create two colour eggs.

Tip – Place the egg inside a whisk to save your hands from getting dyed when dipping the egg in the dye.

You can decorate easter eggs with all sorts of craft materials including tissue paper (kids love bright colours), sponge paint, googly eyes, yarn, puffy paint, stickers, glitter, mod podge, and ribbon or even use crayons on a warm egg to get a melted crayon effect.

TipUse a muffin tin to dye and marble eggs

Over 20 Egg decorating ideas for kids

  1. Funny face eggs by Toddler Approved
  2. Marbled eggs by Hands on as we Grow
  3. Washi tape easter eggs by Mum in the Mad House
  4. Simple sticker eggs by Show me Mama
  5. Hot glue easter eggs by Creative Connections for Kids
  6. Nail Varish marble eggs by Mum in the Mad House
  7. Vegetable covered eggs by Tinkerlab
  8. Temporary tattoo easter eggs by Uncommon designs
  9. Sticker resist dyed eggs by creative connections for kids
  10. Sharpie Tie Dye Easter Eggs by Housing a forest
  11. Marbleized eggs using nail varnish by Camile Styles
  12. Superhero egg by Mum in the Mad House
  13. Glow in the dark eggs by Growing a Jewelled Rose
  14. Beautiful sticker eggs by Better Home and Gardens
  15. Simple bunny eggs by In the Play Room
  16. Straw painted Easter Eggs by Crafty Morning
  17. Volcano dyed eggs by Toddler Approved
  18. Button covered eggs  by Dot Com Women
  19. Sharpie decorated eggs by Mom.me
  20. Egg people by Mr Printables
  21. Watercolor Easter Eggs by Alisa Burke
  22. Dot resist easter eggs by Reasons to Skip the Housework
  23. Melted Crayon Eggs by The Artful Parent
20 simple egg decorating ideas for kids

My highlight this week is marbled eggs by Hands on as We Grow.  In fact, we are off to buy some shaving foam or shaving cream to do our own (the husbeast has a beard at the moment, so we don’t have any in the house) and you only need that and food coloring!

How to blow an Egg

  • Place a piece of washi tape over both ends of the egg. This will prevent the eggshell from cracking.
  • Sit the egg in your egg box to steady it. Holding the egg still, carefully tap and push a small hole in the top of the egg with your safety pin.
  • Take the toothpick and insert it into the hole; stir it around to help break up the yolk and make it easier to blow out.
  • Flip the egg over and make a second hole on the opposite side with your pin. Try to make the hole on the bottom a little bigger.
  • Place a paper straw over the hole at the top and blow hard. First, the egg white will come out, followed by the yolk.
  • Clean the shell by holding it carefully under running hot water.
  • Wipe carefully with kitchen paper and leave to dry. 

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