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Easter Plans

Easter starts for us today.  Maxi had his first ever assembly all about the First Easter.

MadDad made it back from work in time and we both really enjoyed watching our boy, who had a wonderful strong and clear speaking voice.  It was such a joy to watch a group of four and five year olds clearly enjoying themselves.
MadDad is off for the week, so we are planning on lots of family time together and with this in mind, I have exchanged some Tesco Vouchers for some restaurant ones, but even though I did this over a fortnight ago, we are still waiting!
Our Plans include, but are dependant on weather:
Egg hunt at National Trust – we have annual membership
Visits to English Heritage sites, again we have annual membership (via Tesco vouchers)
Easter Dance Party at my Brother and Sister in Laws Club, including Bonnet competition and egg decorating competition.
Decorating bonnets and eggs for the Children’s Dance Party
A trip to Fardale to see the daffodils
Making a start of Easter Egg mountain!
Car boot on Sunday, we are going to take the boys with us.
Visits to Kirkleatham Museum, Preston Park, Mima and Wet and wild.
Danby Moors Centre
Saltburn Valley woodlands centre
Duckings swimming
Day learning to crochet – yes I am so excited about this, yep almost giddy
Bric a Brac sale at the Club.
Baking, making and lots of cooking and creating
Visit lots of local parks.  The mini’s have a list and they like them all for different reasons.
DVD’s, popcorn and cuddles
Plus we have plans to get some seeds planted and also we do need to repaint the render outside.  Oh and I also have paint for the sitting room and dinning room too, but I am not going to make MadDad do everything in this week, we have had the paint since the January Sales!
So I am planning on having a great Easter and I hope you do too.  I will be posting, but possibly not commenting due to time, so please don’t be offended.