Easy Bubble Wrap Painting 9

Maggie over at RedTed Art set a challnge to do an art project based on a story from Fly Thomas Cook’s travel stories.  We read both of the stories with the boys and asked them what they thought we should make and they decided that they wanted to do something about water, as this is what they assocaite holidays with.

So we decided to do a sea scape.  The boys used bubble wrap to make the sea and then cut out and decorated fish to stick on to it.  I drew the fish shapes on the paper and they cut them out themselves.



We could have made a castle, but Maxi recently made one of those for a school project.


They then reminded me that we made pom pom birds too, which fitted in with the story.

One thing I do want to try over the summer holidays is sand dying and making a collage out of it outside as the boys love gluing and sticking.