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Easy Christmas Cards for Children

I think that Christmas cards that the children have made are a lovely thing to give, but often they can be messy, difficult, time consuming and complicated to make.  Not these easy stenciled christmas cards that are kid made.
Simple stenciled kid made christmas cards
Firstly you need:
Masking tape
Green Paint
Sequins or stars
You start by cutting a tree shaped template in a piece of card.  The easiest way to do this is fold it in half.  You can make it as simple or fancy as you like.  I am simple lady myself.
Stick the template on to your card.  I also stick the card down to the table for minimad.
You can either use a sponge or just finger paint in the stencil (sponges are so much easier with small ones)
Watch out it can get messy – Mine wear the art smocks I made from MadDads old work shirts
Allow the cards to dry – MiniMad got a bit bored by this point and MaxiMad finished them off.
Decorate your trees
We used sequins, small stars and glitter
Glitter is always a favorite here
MaxiMad looking proud of his work
The finished articles, we tend to do them all shapes and sizes and do a few each week on the lead up to Christmas.

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