Easy Ribbon Christmas for kids to make 18

There is nothing nicer than receiving a homemade Christmas card and these simple ribbon Christmas cards are so easy for you to make with kids of all ages.

simple ribbon christmas cards

How to make simple Ribbon Christmas cards


    1. A selection of ribbon
    2. Blank Cards and Envelope
    3. Low melt glue gun or Sticki Dots for younger children
    4. Star sequins

To start with the boys ironed the ribbon we had so that it was all flat and easy to use.  I supervised them with the iron and set the ironing board to the lowest height possible.

simple ribbon christmas cards

Ribbon Christmas Trees

This is a great card to make with kids of all ages.  For younger children you can pre cut the ribbon and then discuss the sizes and which one goes where to make the triangle size for the tree.

Sticki Dots are a brilliant way to adhere the ribbon to card as it is tacky and already set, so the ribbon stays in pace.

Older children can cut the ribbon themselves.  We discussed why we cut on an angle to prevent fraying.  I try really not to make my idea of the outcome influence my boys and if they want to have blue ribbon in their tree then that is fine, it is their christmas card.

ribbon cards for kids

In fact when they had made their cards one stuck a white clay star at the top and the other a paper punched star and then they decided we should add some washi tape we had that said Merry Christmas on.

ZigZag ribbon Christmas trees 

zig zag ribbon christmas cards

These were a little more challenging to make as the boys needed to hold down and fold the ribbon at the same time. We used our low melt glue gun for this, but if your children are younger than Sticki dots are amazing as they have immediate adhesion on contact with the ribbon and so not require them to keep pressing the ribbon down.

For holding down the ribbon when it has glue on we use lolly stick/craft sticks as even low melt glue is hot on little fingers.

We found that ribbon that is the same on both sides is best for the zigzag ribbon trees.

The children then stuck a star at the top of the tree.




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