Emma Bridgewater – Factory Tour, Part One

Part OneWe had a fantastic day out at The Emma Bridgewater Factory on Tuesday to celebrate their 25th Birthday. 
We started the day in the newly refubished cafe area of the factory for a tea and coffee and to meet my fellow bloggers.  Josie at Sleep is for the Weak, Becky at English Mum with her two boys (who were a real pleasure), Racheal from Tales from the  Village and we also made a new friend in Kate from Kitchen Critic.  There was this fantastic Aga, I was salivating!
It is such a lovely relaxing area to meet and have a good old chat with everyone.
We were then taken on a tour of the factory by Jamie, it was amazing and managed to hold the attention of Maxi and Mini most of the way round.  It is wonderful to see so many crafts people at work, showing real skill and dedication.
This is where the slipwear is made – The web site has a great video explaining it all, which we showed the boys before our visit.
There are pots drying everywhere and you can see the difference in the colour.
MadDad had a go at throwing a plate.  One of the best parts of the factory tour for us was the empoyees, they were all really welcoming and freindly.  The didnt mind us taking pictures nad were really happy to chat.

Many had been employed for a long time and they all really enjoyed their jobs.  This lady is finnishing the pots by removing excess clay from seams and edges.

There are two types of decoration, this photo shows the transfer method, which is done on preglazed pot.

The other method is by sponging the pattern.  It was wonderful to watch everyone at work, the photo above shows the personalisation.
It is such a skill and there is one lady who spends all day cutting the sponges for the patterns.  Each sponge only lasts on average 3 days.
Look at all the pottery waiting to go in to the kiln.