Emotions 12

The Gallery this week is all about emotion and as a mum I have to say that i am a pretty emotional person and wear my heart on my sleeve.

I often look at my children with awe and wonder.  I made them.  They were born from love, where hard come by.  They fascinate me and fill me with joy and despair, sometimes within minutes of each other.  Parenting is the hardest job I have ever done.  It is very rarely one you are congratulated on and one that lots of other people are keen to tell you when you are not doing it right in their opinion.

This summer holidays it has often just been the boys and me, as MadDad has been very busy at work and also on an intensive FA coaching course.  So we have made the most of our time together visiting blogging friends, going on adventures, including Chester Zoo and The Deep (review to follow – it is amazing).

There has also been firsts too.  Our first visit to the Skate park with Frugal Family and the boys first visit to the high street on their own.  It has been a veritable feast of emotions for all of us.  I love my time with them.  I love that they are fun to be with and that they enjoy spending time with me as much as I do with them.  Long may it continue.