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Encouraging Children to be Walkers

In an homage blatant copying of Chris at Thinly Spread, I bring you our favorite weekend Autumn Walk.  Now I am pretty lucky in the once the boys get started on a walk they love them and often it is MadDad and I who start back first.
We live in a very beautiful part of the country and are blessed to have fantastic countryside on our doorstep.  We live 200 yards away from a wonderful wooded area which is on The Cleveland Way.

So making the most of a dry day, we decided to set off on an adventure this afternoon.
I am not sure if it is a boy thing, but they always find something to do when we are in the woods, treed to play on and climb.
It is such a magical place and there is a beck that runs through the bottom of the valley, which the boys adore splashing in. 
They often wonder how the railway viaduct was build and how all the bricks got down to the valley bottom (by horseback).
With all the rain we have had the beck was rather fast flowing today, although neither of the boys fell in, which is a good result!
There has also been far too much rain to collect any of the leaves, they were very slippy underfoot.
There are lots of ways to encourage children to walk, but one of the boys favorites is to draw a map and follow it, alternatively you could also get a making tracks map, we have the North Yorkshire Moors set and they are excellent.
We try and always take out camera and also collect things too.  I came back with a pocket full of pine cones today.
Take inspiration to make an autumn tree, you done need to collect the leaves if they are wet as you can print some off and colour them in.
We have a great book all about trees and what type they are and the boys love looking at that too.
I would love to hear your ideas for encouraging your children to be walkers and enjoy the great outdoors.


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