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Encouraging individualism in children

I want my children to be individuals  to not be afraid to be different. I want them to have the courage of their convictions and I want them to know that uniqueness is something to be embraced not shunned.  However, this is not easy ion today’s mass market society   Everything looks the same and they often want to follow trends, well Mini does.  Maxi is much happier to stand out from the crowd.


Over the Easter holidays we were invited to London Zoo by Next to see their Spring/Summer 2013 range and as both the boys have started to show an interest in the clothes they wear it was an interesting event.  Maxi gravitated towards the bright colours, whilst Mini loved the streetwear.  I was going to blog about the clothes, but realised that there are already some great posts out there from This  Mummy Loves, Inside the Wendy House and The Crazy Kitchen.


As we left they were gifted a goodie bag that contained a monochrome hat and some sunglasses.  When we got home they thought it would be a great idea to use some fabric pens we have and to customise their caps.  I thought this was a great way of introducing individualism and we had great fun.

hats next

Both the boys really enjoyed personalising their hats from Next and took a lot of time in picking the colours they wanted and it was the perfect quiet time activity.  We sat at the table after bath time and discussed why it is OPK to wear what you want and that it is what is on the inside that matters not the outside.

How do you encourage your children to be unique?


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