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Both of my boys are at an age where they have a real thirst for knowledge and there are times when they want to continue that learning at home.  We were recently sent some Letts “Wild About” learning books.

This got me thinking about when it is appropriate to use workbooks at home and how best to integrate them in to our home.  I am big on learning through play and this is something that we have always concentrated on, however with my boys getting older (they are currently nine and eight) they are also reaching the point that they want to start working on some other ways.

Encouraging learning at home with older kids

Encouraging learning at home with older children

  • Encourage discussion and opinion. I want my children to be free thinkers, to understand that having an opinion is fine and that they have to back up that opinion with reason and facts.


  • Make it fun. Both formal and informal learning is much easier when fun. If a book they need to read does not stimulate them, find an alternative one that does or another way for them to glean the information.


  • Make learning a participation sport. I freely admit to my children that I do not know everything and that I too will have to learn somethings with them. Spellings are a communal event, they test me (I am pants at spelling and I test them) usually during dinner or on the walk to school.


  • Use real world examples. Do science at home, encourage children to cook and engage your child in real world learning, ask questions and make connections.


  • Give them a place to do homework whilst supported by you. We use the kitchen table and have everything the boys will need in a bureaux in the kitchen. I can be preparing dinner whilst they are working and I make myself available to them as they need me.


  • Celebrate achievements. Make time to celebrate your children’s learning achievements and set clear expectations of them. My boys know that 100% effort is non negotiable regardless of the outcome. Offer positive reinforcement to inspire them to keep learning and being challenged.


  • Show interest in what they are learning. Do not make results and scores the focus of your questions. Show a true interest in what they are studying. Having your child put what they are learning into their own words will reinforce that learning.


  • Set a good example by showing them that learning is pleasurable and is a lifelong process. Additionally, parents who exude an overall positive attitude about their own responsibilities show children that while all people have tasks to complete, doing them with care and enthusiasm is far better than simply giving the minimum effort.


Letts Wild about workbooks are matched to the KS2 (key stage two) curriculum and are all about taking your kids on a wild adventure whilst learning at the same time.  They are great for reinforcing the learning they do at school in a fun and exciting way.

These books are great for snow days or even sick days, when kids need something to occupy them.  Both the boys really enjoyed these books, but do not take my word for it, they did a video below.

The Wild About learning guides cover a variety of  skills including:

  • English spelling
  • English reading comprehension
  • Maths problem solving and reasoning
  • Maths
  • English
  • English grammar and punctuation
  • Maths arithmetic

I have found them a great help too, showing me practical examples of new terminology and the changed styles in learning from when I was in education!

Discover more about Letts Wild About, including weird and wonderful animal facts and free activity sheets at www.wildaboutmathsandenglish.co.uk

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