Encouraging picky eaters – kids in the kitchen 32

I am blessed to have kids that eat pretty much everything I put in front of them most of the time.  However, we still have times when they are under the whether or just being kids when they refuse food.

I find that a great way of getting them and me out of a funk it to bring them in to the kitchen and make things together.  However, when that fails this is a failsafe way to encourage picky eaters!

My top tip for picky eaters

We were challenged by by Love Yogurt UK  to produce a recipe for Yogurt Week (19-25 May), which got me thinking about what to make and how to involve the boys.

easy chopping for kids

I love the fact that my boys are active in the kitchen and want to help.  Chopping is one of the things that concerns me, those little fingers, sharp knives and clumsiness are something that concerns me.   However with this chopper thing (yes that is the technical term in The Mad House) the boys have to keep both their hands on the two handles meaning that fingers are away from the blade.

Recipes (I feel ashamed calling these recipes as they are so simple)

Natural/plain yogurt or greek yogurt

Sweet additions

  • Honey (not advised for under ones)
  • Maple syrup
  • Stewed fruit
  • Berries (frozen ones are great as you only need a few)
  • Mashed mango
  • Peanut butter and honey

Savory additions

  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Chopped skinned cucumber with time
  • Mustard and honey – my boys love this for chicken
  • Chilli sauce – yogurt is a great way to take the heat out of it.
  • Avocado, garlic and lime juice
  • Tinned tuna

Now you can pretty much dip anything in these sauces, so they are a great way of introducing new foods.  My boys had pineapple, melon and mango to dip and carrots, cucumber and breadsticks.  But you could dip fish or chicken fingers, cheese sticks, toast,  sweet peppers, green beans, asparagus,  sliced apple, sliced pears and baby corn.

Dips for kids

For more information check out @loveyogurtUK on Twitter, the Yogurt Week website or Love Yogurt UK on Facebook.