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Encouraging writing in Boys – Scrapbooking holiday memories

recording holiday memories

We are really focussing on trying to encourage our boys to move away from the electronic and take up more tactile pursuits!  I gave you some ideas for encouraging writing earlier in the week, but I wanted to concentrate on recording holiday memories this time.  When I was younger one of the most exciting aspects of any family holiday was receiving the developed film back from the chemist  and putting together an album of the photographs and writing the name of the holiday in the inside page.

scrapbook 1

In todays digital world I find that my images stay on my PC, phone and on the digital photo frame we have and that made me sad, so I decided to encourage Maxi to make a scrapbook of our recent Orlando visit.  This was made even easier as we were gifted a whole host of Papermainia scrapbooking things in the All Aboard travel theme from Docrafts.com

Whilst we were in Orlando Maxi made sure that he took maps, leaflets and keep all his tickets in to the theme parks, so in addition to any pictures I printed out he could also keep all this memorabilia and have a wonderful physical memory of our holiday.

Firstly we sat at the PC and decided which images to print.  In future I think that I would send them off to an online provider to print, that way we could have a better quality print.

Then we cut all the photographs out using the guillotine and then I let Maxi lose with the glue and a pen!


As much as I wanted everything to be neat and in a certain way, I knew that it was best that I just stayed on the sideline and let him fill the scrapbook in how he wanted it to be.  Afterall this is his holiday memories we are recording.

The best thing is that whilst Maxi was busy doing this, Mini decided that he needed a scrapbook too and starting sticking in receipts and maps from visits to London in.  I hope that I have started something and that the boys start collecting mementos on holidays and trips and they keep on making scrapbooks.

Recently our friends went on a holiday in the Norfolk Broads, which is somewhere we haven’t visited at all and both the boys have decided that they want to  go on a Richardson’s Boating Holiday.  They both love the idea of all the things they could record and keep in their new scrapbooks!


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