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With the onslaught of electronics in todays lifestyle writing can sometimes take a backseat and I for one am keep to encouraging writing in my boys.  I think the fact that Maxi is both a reluctant reader and writer makes me more determined to find ways to encourage this skill.  Mini who is nearly seven loves to read and write and can often be found with a notebook and pencil in hand and is keen to improve his handwriting as he wants to get awarded a handwriting pen at school.

Over the summer holidays last year we focussed a lot on writing and pen skills including making our own books, creating a writing centre and making memory stones.

One of the things that I discovered was that good quality writing equipment was key in helping both the boys.   Triangular and wide pencils were easier for them to grip and paper with lines on made it easier too.  Good quality paper that they can press on without ripping is essential.  I also found that providing them with notebooks and letter writing stationery or their own choice helped to encourage them.



Now the boys are a little older (eight and nearly seven) we have moved on and they are currently filling in a Q&A a day for children journal each night before bed. These are brilliant journals, which asks a simple question each night and your child completes it.  It is only a sentence, so fast and simple to do before bed.  I want the boys to get into the habit of writing and feel this is a fantastic way to do that, plus it is a good way of recording how their answers change each year.

Maxi is also putting together a scrapbook style journal of our recent trip to Orlando (more about that in the near future).



Both the boys also have a penpal that they write too.  This is a great way of encouraging writing, penmanship and also communication skills.  They choose their own stationery and learn the joy of sending and receiving letters. We have even been collecting stamps to make a display with.  I know that the boys are  excited to use the special edition Dr Who Royal Mail stamps (released to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who this year)  on their next letters.

mini writing



10 thoughts on “Encouraging Writing in Boys

  • Jen@mysentimentaljamboree

    Hi Jen,
    I can’t believe you just posted this. My 9 year old son Jackson is super resistant to writing. It is a constant struggle. Lily, who is 7, loves to write and draw. Jackson enjoys reading but it’s mostly sports magazines or books. Getting him to do anything beyond his homework is like pulling teeth. We told him that his writing/printing needs to improve. In an effort to improve his skills he’s writing to family back east but we are looking for penpals in or around his age. Where did your sons find their pen friends? Would they like another? It is such a struggle with all of todays technology. I’m going to try and find the Q & A for Jack too.
    Great post Jen. Thanks!

  • snafflesmummy

    What a fab idea. I love the look of that journal.
    Your boys must be very neat writers. I would love Snaffles to write to someone but I am not convinced it would be readable by anyone other than me.

  • Circusmum

    I agree, so important to promote reading and writing. I’m going to purchase one of those journals!

  • Purplemum

    Great post, thanks for sharing those ideas. I have throughly enjoyed watching, and helping my eldest learn to read, but writing is proving harder. Like you said there are so many electronics in his life that writing isn’t something that happens unless we make a special time to do it.

  • Sara

    Good ideas! Thank you for sharing. I used to have several penpals as a child and I’m sure my 6 year old daughter would love to receive letters and postcards. It would also be a welcome distraction from electronics/screens. I like the look of the Q & A book too. Where do you find penpals these days though?

  • Rosetta Gillespie

    I still hold memories of myself enjoying how fresh ink scratched the paper as I wrote all my birthday party thank-you notes nearly seven years ago, stroke by stroke, card by card. I even cherished the act of placing them into crisp white envelopes, sealed with love and gratitude.

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