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Enjoying a break in the rain

We have tried to make the most of today, as the Mini’s are pretty much over their virus (poss swine flu).
The day started with nude wii (only the boys of course – I would scare the neighbours)

So we have been to the supermarket, been to the park on the way home.
Called at the opticians to pick up MiniMads new glasses.
An ice cream with monkey blood and sprinkles (raspberry sauce to the uninitiated), whilst I unpacked all the shopping.

Magic painting, I do have more than one book, but both boys wanted to do the Backyardigans, so they shared and they shared really well.

Whilst the boys painted, I took the opportunity to tidy our craft cupboard a little. Our crafting area is the dinning room, we use this room for eating nearly every meal, so I wanted the crafts to be keep out of the way, as much as possible, but also to be as accessible as possible to the Mini’s. Our solution a corner hideaway cupboard designed for a PC.

I keep everything bar the paints in it, which I keep in an old hamper box in the garage and bring out as and when needed.

We use an old lazy susan, which was a gift from my mum and dad when we moved into our first home 14 years ago, as a turntable for the pens, pencils, crayons, scissors and play dough. We also use old dishwasher and washing powder containers that we cover to hold the pens etc.

I have a couple of hooks stick to the door to hold the boys art smocks and I am looking for a couple of old cork tiles to stick to the left hand side to make a pin board (I just wont buy a whole box for such a small area.

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