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I used to love reading, before I had the boys and was in to all this blogging lark, my head could be found in a book pretty much every spare minute of the day.  I devoured the words, I sunk in to the imaginary world around me and I read.  I loved everything about books, from the anticipation of a new book from a specific author to the feel of the pages turning and the respite from everyday life they presented to me.

Somewhere over the last 6 years I have got out of the habit of reading.  I can not concentrate long enough to read a book, I keep reading the same page over and over again.  There is always something more pressing that needs doing.  I stopped reading books that required some thought and started to read blogs and magazines, just snippets of stories.  Even when I was in hospital after the mastectomy I didn’t manage a whole book, my arms hurt too much to lift one up, so I relied on audio books on my ipod.

The lovely people at Galaxy sent me Ian Rankin’s Knots and Crosses before Christmas and I just hadn’t had time or the inclination to pick it up and read it.  I had read some of Rankin’s books before and I really enjoy a good crime book, but I think with the busy period of Christmas being there I just didn’t find the time to read it.  The same couldn’t be said about the three bars of chocolate they sent me though!


Then my mum died and I needed to not think, to not do and to just escape and I picked up the book and took it with be to the bath, where I devoured it in one sitting.  It made me realise all over again why I love books and why I need them in my life and in the past fortnight I have read over 10 books and I went to the library yesterday and picked up another 10.  I am sticking to light reading at the moment, no over thinking things, no challenges or time spent reviewing or deliberating the writing style or content, just reading.

I am discovering my love of books all over again and it is great.  Galaxy are giving away book with their chocolate at the moment and the Galaxy facebook page has more information.

10 thoughts on “Escapism

  • Julie

    Reading sounds like the perfect thing for you just now and it’s so good that you’ve rediscovered your love. I am completely addicted to reading – and my favourite place is the bath too! Juliex

  • MmeLindt

    Books and chocolate – what a great combination.

    I had cut down on my reading in the past few years – buying books abroad is very expensive – but started reading more when I bought my Kindle last year. Being able to download books for a reasonable price is great, and the classics are free so I am rediscovering some old friends.

  • Barenakedmummy

    I love all the Ian Rankin – Rebus books.

    I’m also trying to read more – unfortunately so far all I’ve managed is to buy book, read few pages and then fall asleep on book!

    Can’t read in the bath but thats because my glasses steam up!


  • Fran

    I’ve been desperate to get back into reading lately. After years of study, it fell by the way side.

    I too fall asleep on my books. xx

  • Jude

    Ah, I remember the days of getting lost in a good book. Sadly now past – the only time I get to read properly is at bedtime, and it’s just not the same as being able to throw everything to the wind, and curl up with a book. Still – one day…..

  • Karen

    Rankin is great. I am so glad you have got back into reading. Hoping I will too sometime – since I have got into blogging I get too caught up in Twitter and reading other people’s fabulous blogs!

  • Wendy

    I read all the time but alas not in the bath as my glasses steam up. I do miss it. So I read in bed, on the the bus to work and in spare little bits of my day

  • Emma

    I’m really glad that you have discovered your love for books again. I tend to only read in bed nowadays and this lasts for about 5 minutes before I fall asleep!!! It takes me about 2 months to read a book!!! x

  • Susan Mann

    I’m glad you have found your love of books again. I read all the time, reading is one of my favourite things to do in the world. I’m never far from a good book. x

  • Swanbythelakeside

    Your CommentsYou are so right, reading just gets sidelined into luxury territory, and even when you do have tiime, you lose the habit…I find I start fidgeting and skipping paragraphs when I read unless I am actually on a train or a plane by myself and have to read properly. Yet I used to be a bookworm, and did English at university.
    Just finished Wolf Hall over Christmas, and was proud of myself, and yes I couldn’t wait to get back to it. I think I want to read more about the Tudors now…

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