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Essential Tips for a Safe Trip To Chicago

Chicago is one of the most exciting, bustling cities in the world. However, with all of this commotion, the danger within the city is certain to be more present than it is in your small town. If you’re travelling with a family, you want to know that you’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep you and your children safe. Thankfully, doing so has become easier than ever thanks to this guide going over the essential tips you need to know for a safe trip to Chicago in 2022:

1. Use Rideshares Mindfully

When you’re in Chicago, the public transportation available to you is top-notch. However, some bus and subway lines simply do not go in the direction you’ll be heading toward. In this case, getting a rideshare is the best modern solution. However, be aware of traffic as you wait for, and board your rideshare. Additionally, be sure to take extra steps to ensure the vehicle you’re entering is actually your rideshare. While uncommon overall, uber fatalities are most common in cities like Chicago.

2. Have More than a Single Way to Access Money

Knowing that you will not be stranded in the city with no access to money, in the case of a robbery or the loss of your wallet, is critical when travelling (especially in Chicago). By avoiding this, you do not make yourself a potential target for crime, and you ensure that you can easily travel throughout the city. Especially for those that are experiencing any type of travel anxiety, being prepared with your money is essential. The variety of vendors and other places to buy stuff in Chicago makes it a necessity to have multiple forms of payment if possible as well. To maximize your purchasing power in the Windy City, this step becomes a full-on must.

3. Share Your Plans Daily

Knowing that you’ve shared your daily plans with a friend or family member will give you peace of mind in case your phone dies, something happens that makes you feel lost, or you’re the victim of a crime. Preferably, you want the person you’re sharing your plans with to be located in or around the city, but close ones outside of the city can work just fine as well. By sharing these plans with others, you can also have a second set of ears that can ensure your plans sound safe and (most importantly) fun. And always plan for the heat if you’re travelling in the summer!

4. Never Engage with a Crime You Witness

When you see a crime happening, it can sometimes feel as though you should step in and help the victim. However, this is almost certain to only increase the danger of the situation, especially for you. Waiting until the victim is alone, and then approaching them to ensure they get the help they need, is highly recommended. When you engage with a crime as it’s happening, it will increase the stress and anxiety of everyone involved – including the criminal – which can lead to dangerous results for everyone. That being said, if you can do so safely, it’s fine to call for help as the crime is occurring (just be sure that you are secure and safe before doing so.

5. Stay Alert and Aware

Being aware of your surroundings is always important, even if you’re walking down your neighbourhood street. When you’re in a new, massive city, the importance of awareness and alertness is triple-fold, however. There are many traffic, pedestrian, and other hazards that could put you in harm’s way if you’re not staying aware of what’s around you. Additionally, in such a busy city, it will help you feel more confident, happy, and on time if you’re not letting your surroundings blur into the background of your mind. By staying fully conscious of your surroundings, you’ll also unlock the ability to enjoy your exciting trip to Chicago to the fullest. If you’re travelling with kids, awareness becomes even more important.

6. Do Not Carry Any Unneeded Valuables

Carrying around valuables without needing to do so is a surefire way to put yourself in harm’s way. Especially if you’re walking around wearing expensive, loose jewellery, you could increase your chances of being robbed. That being said, simply be aware of the environment you’re in, and you’ll have a much easier time avoiding this type of drastic situation. Simply stay reasonable, and avoid carrying too much cash or unneeded valuables, and you’ll feel much more secure and confident as you explore the exciting sights and sounds of Chicago.

Have a Safe, Excellent Trip to Chicago in 2022

Chicago is filled with amazing attractions, foods, and shops – making it a perfect place for people to travel to in 2022. Especially if you’ve been putting off a big-city vacation due to Covid, the ability to travel more freely can be enjoyed to the fullest in an exciting, culturally-diverse city like Chicago. Also if you are travelling to Chicago over winter with kids then make sure you check out this post by Who’s the Mummy?