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Fabulous Ethical and Plastic Free Gifts

Fabulous Ethical and Plastic Free Gifts have been updated for 2022. Buying gifts can be a challenge at the best of times, but buying meaningful and ethical gifts can be really hard. So I have got together with my boys’ to bring you this amazing Ethical and plastic-free gift guide for all the family These are not gifts that will be forgotten about once the festive season is over, these are things that will be used and replaced and also will not hurt the planet. Also, make sure you signup for &Keep’s newsletter as you get 10% off your first purchase.

I don’t know about your children but mine are both really conscious of the planet we live on and have been really affected by the recent drowning in plastic documentary.  I find that often people buy teenagers tat to fill stockings due to them mainly wanting money or “big ticket” items at Christmas. This is something that I am keen to avoid doing, so we put our heads together with the fabulous Natasha at &Keep and have tried and tested a selection of their products.  Now I have teen boys, but these gifts are unisex and they have already transformed our habits and there really is something for all the family.

It can be hard to always try and choose to be ethical when you really want something – so I love this Animal Beach parka or changing robe which is made from 100% Recycled Polyester and is PFC-free. Products made without PFC offer effective durable water repelant protection without the need for harmful chemicals – an environmentally friendly alternative.

Even better it comes in a variety of sizes and the men’s large which I got for Maxi is roomy enough for me (his size 26 mum)! It is a great alternative to a dry robe.

My boys used their Stojo cups so much, so these bottles are on this year’s gift list (UK Link/US link)

When it comes to cosmetics and perfume, it has to be cruelty-free and vegan is even better. This range from Dolma, who make vegan perfume and cruelty-free aftershave is teen approved. We are users of their fragrances. Vegan is all the rage and will continue to be so. Billie Eilish released a vegan perfume line last year.

Made from recycled polyester, this Animal Beanie is affordable and also a way of recycling plastics into something wearable.

If you are looking for a main gift then check out this adorable polar bear necklace from Jana Reinhardt jewellery who is a small business run by a husband and wife team and both master goldsmiths who are as passionate about hand-making jewellery, as they are about animal welfare and green living. All their pieces are made from 100% recycled precious metals, all gemstones are ethically sourced or lab-grown, and their packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic free.

In the last year, Jana Reinhardt has created several exclusive pieces intended to raise awareness and funds for various charities including the NAWT, Galgos Del Sol, Surge Sanctuary and PETA. You can find their full charity collection here: https://jana-reinhardt.myshopify.com/collections/animal-welfare-collection

The brand even offsets the carbon created when they make jewellery and ship it to customers, by planting a tree with Ecologi for every sale they make.

Little Ant’s bouquets are the ideal ethical gift option for the environmentally conscious: lasting longer than fresh arrangements and using seasonal flowers which are carefully sourced and selected to have the least impact on the planet. Plus, they can be sent in a letterbox sized parcel, ideal for sending a special treat to those you can’t spend time with over the festive period.

We have lots of metal and glass straws here and this year’s stockings have these fab Rainbow Metal Straws in. I love how colourful they are.

I have one child that takes a packed lunch to school each day and this personalised metal lunch tin from Global Wakecup is perfect for him. We actually opted for the non-personalised one, but I love it is plastic-free and also will withstand life in his rucksack!

The Merry Christmas Greens & Greeting is a Christmas card and envelope that becomes a stand-up plant pot. It’s decorated with a festive design and contains everything your recipient needs to grow their own delicious and nutritious microgreen frilly pea shoots, right inside the ‘card’. Ideal to pop in the post for Christmas or as a fun stocking filler. They also do non-Christmas ones. We think they are ace, plus we also think pea shoots are really tasty, so double win!

Toothbrushes, toothpaste and Floss

Ever since I was little I always got a new toothbrush in my stocking (well pillowcase) and it is something that I have continued with the boys.  Mini is really fussy when it comes to toothbrushes, but Natasha sent us a truthbrush and some Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrushes.  Mini claimed the truthbrush as his favourite.  We have also been using the truthpaste and to be honest, it is either love or hate with us split 50/50 on it! I love it and haven’t had an ulcer since starting using it (perhaps that is the fact that it is SLS free).  Mini also loves the texture but finds it rather strong, but will use it.  MadDad loves the taste and is more than happy to use it, but we need to find something less powerful in taste for Maxi.  The Geoorganics natural dental floss has been an all-round hit.

Shaving Stuff

Maxi is just getting to the age where he is going to start shaving, so when he does I am keen to go down the ethical route. We were sent a bamboo handled double edge safety razor currently on offer at £18 and orange and lavender shaving soap.  

Maddad and I have both tried the razor and I am sold on it and have claimed it and the soap for my needs and we will be purchasing Maxi his own when he starts shaving.  We all love the smell of the shaving soap and the only improvement we would make is to have it circular to fit in the shaving soap dish we already have! I can not see me ever needing to buy another razor just razor blades.  Bar soap is something we already use so moving to a bar for shaving soap is no biggie at all.

The new nature oil shaving kit comes with a natural shaving oil, a rosewood safety razor and a pack of 10 razor blades all packed inside a cotton drawstring bag. I have one that prefers shaving with oil, so this is ace and I am going to share this is what I have been using to shave my legs!

When it comes to getting a clean and perfectly smooth shave, nothing beats the traditional method. Switching to a straight razor and synthetic shaving brush will be one of the best grooming decisions of your life! The Clean Confidence synthetic shaving brush is the absolute perfect shaving accessory to grab if you’re looking to sharpen your shave – plus it’s 100% vegan friendly. 

Personal Hygiene

One of the things that we have been really impressed with is the deodorant.  I am not going to lie but I wasn’t keen on the boys using jar deodorant as I know that they just wouldn’t always wash their hands after and didn’t didnt even think that there would be a plastic free stick deodorant.  Well, the Earth Conscious Stick Deodorant has been a revelation and a huge hit and we will all be moving to them once our current deodorants are used up.  They have been perfect for popping in the boys’ PE bags and also they work.

Now, these makeup pads are just amazing.  I have already added some more on to my Christmas list as they are soft and simple to use and I am happy to totally replace our cotton pads with them.  They would be a brilliant buy for my teenage nieces. The same with the cotton swabs which we use so infrequently anyway so am happy to make a straight swap.


I have left the best till last and believe it or not the Stojo collapsable cup has been the biggest hit with Maxi claiming it and taking it to school with him every day.  He takes it on the bus with a hot chocolate in and uses it at school too.  Mini has already requested one with a straw for his Christmas gift this year. I had to pinch this from his school blazer pocket to take a photo of it which shows firstly how small it folds and secondly just how much he likes it!

We moved to metal straws over the summer and haven’t looked back.  We went to paper ones a couple of years ago but sometimes they do go soggy, whereas the metal ones are ace.  We each have our own and I have been known to take them out with us in my bag!

I wish that Modi Body period pants had been around when I was a teen. These fabulous Modi Body Red (designed specifically for teenagers) mean fewer disposable pads, liners and tampons and positive change for the planet.

Do you have any beautiful containers at home or used candles, this is where Refill My Candle come into their own They have everything you need to make your own eco wax candles and reuse your containers. I am a BIG fan and have already made three new candles using their kit. Fabulous and green.

have got together with &Keep and my boys' to bring you this Ethical gift guide for teens. These are not gifts that will be forgotten about once the festive season is over.

I hope that this inspired you to think a little about the gifts you might give your teenager this Christmas or if you are not sure then &Keep also have gift vouchers. They also have a ready-made gift box for Teens in their Christmas section

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