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Evening Routines and plans for the week ahead

As you must know by now I am an avid follower of Fly and need to make sure that I do my evening routine to ensure that I start the week the correct way.
So tonight being Sunday, it feels much more important to start the week on the right foot so to speak, so I have
Got all our clothes out for tomorrow (after checking the weather forecast)
Menu planned the rest of the week
Checked calender for the rest of the week
Confirmed any appointments etc with MadDad and got Mum to cover anything
DW loaded and on
Washing machine loaded and time set
Cat fed
15 mins in any room that required it
Wrote down what has really worked this week.
I find that this lets me go of to sleep much better knowing that I have finished the week the right way and also started the new week on a positive note
Menu Planning also makes a vast difference to our busy days. This week we have had a roast chicken and that will make three days worth of meals if I plan it right, so I have:
Cooked carcass and added veg to make a stock
Will make pastry for chicken and veg pie tomorrow night
lasagna is also made for Tuesday (after swimming)
Chicken curry for Wednesday night
Easting round the table as a family is really important to us as a family, it gives us time to review our news, discuss our plans and also reminds MadDad and me of how we grew up. I have breakfast and lunch with the boys everyday and we eat our evening meal together whenever possible, this means that the boys need a healthy snack around 3.30pm to get them to 5.30 ish when MadDad arrives home, but it is worth the wait for everyone involved.