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Everything is so easy if you are 4 year old

Maxi was born in Reading, so he has chosen Reading football team as his and was super excited this weekend by the fact that they were still in the FA cup, but also really upset to find out that he couldn’t watch them on TV (as they were not being shown playing), so we listened to the match on the radio.

When Manchester City sored the goal, Maxi got pretty upset.  So MadDad tried to explain the ranking system and said that Manchester City were in a higher league and were possibly the richest football club in England at the moment and this is the conversation that sprung from there.


“Daddy, I might be a footballer when I grow up”.

“Well if you are then you can look after Mummy and Daddy, as top footballers earn as much as Daddy does in a year in a week!”

When Mini pipes in

“Daddy if they earn that much money then they should give it to the people in Japan and Africa that need help?”

If only the world was ruled by 4 year olds

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