Everything You Need To Know About Hosting A Child’s Themed Party 3

Themed parties are always such huge successes for children. They beat bog-standard bashes hands-down, because normally they encompass something a kid truly adores. Harry Potter, Disney princesses and superheroes are just a few of the popular themes that come to mind.


The secret with any party is to plan.  Getting all planned and prepared in advance makes a big difference.  Also it is important to understand that this is just a child’s birthday party and  not to get too stressed about it.  B

Want to do a good job? We’re here to share everything you need to know about hosting a really fantastic themed party.

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Choose a theme

The best way to decide on a theme is by asking your child. What would they like it to be? As long as you think it’s achievable – having actual aliens at a space-themed soiree might be a bit far-fetched – then you can start throwing about ideas. It’s wonderful to let a little one’s imagination run wild at this point.

It’s all in the detail

Next, hash out the details of the event. When will it take place? Will it be at your house? It’s also good to check if your child’s best friend is free on the prospective date, as there’s nothing worse than finding out after the invites have been sent out that an important person can’t come.

Send out invitations

Work out who you (and your little one) want to attend and send out invites to match the theme. It doesn’t have to be a huge party. Apparently the rule is to invite the age number plus one – so four friends for a third birthday party. Make sure to request an RSVP so you’re always in the loop.  Oh and it also pays to chase up invites as children get older as in my experience people often forget to RSVP.  I put a mobile number on to make confirmation easier.


Sort out the decorations

This bit can be the most fun if you’re a creative person. And it really doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Say you’ve got a safari theme – you could make palm tree bunting, buy some cheap animal-shaped balloons, and grab safari-themed partyware to set the scene at an affordable price. Tweaks to home décor can really propel a theme too. How about getting a zebra print rug? Or some animal cushions?

Yummy food and cracking tunes

A fantastic way to enhance a theme is by letting it radiate in every aspect of the party. When it comes to food, there’s so much you can do. Continuing with the safari example, you could make some themed cake pops.
Ensure a good music playlist is prepared as well – there’s nothing worse than a quiet party. The Lion Sleeps Tonight comes to mind.


Fun and games

One of the worst things you can do is prepare a party to perfection, but have nothing on the cards for when everyone arrives. Have games planned, such as Snap (see the crocodile link there?) and Sleeping Lions. Know when the cake’s coming out. Decide beforehand whether you’ll be having a present-opening session during the bash. Have goodie bags prepared if you’re doing them – just a few cheap sweeties and knick-knacks will do. It would also be a nice touch to have a photo book printed after, including all the photos from your little ones big day.

You can see how little you have to spend to create a wonderful, themed party – especially if you make lots of things yourself instead of buying them. You’ll create the party your little one’s always dreamed of and it’ll be fantastic for their social development too. Happy partying!

Everything You Need To Know About Hosting A Child's Themed Party

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