Experts Take on Buying Pre-Owned Cars

What do vehicle experts say about pre-owned cars? There are many warnings about buying a used car, but – perhaps surprisingly – the experts are, in the main, in favour of investing in a pre-owned car. Let us take a look at the details of what experts recommend.

Due Diligence

First of all, the experts say you should be wary if you are offered a suspiciously good deal. Few people are purely altruistic to strangers, and if a second-hand car seems too cheap, it is wise to be wary. Check out the registration details online and make sure they marry up with the person you are dealing with – although this step can be taken care of by choosing a reputable second-hand car dealer. Do not ever meet strangers in an unknown place, especially if you are paying cash for the car – and if you must, make sure you take someone with you as well as letting others know where you are at each step of your journey. If the vendor takes offence when you wish to check the car with the DVLA, take this as a warning sign: all vehicles must be registered and ownership details kept up to date – anyone who does not want you to check it out is possibly problematic. Many of these issues, however, can be avoided by choosing a reputable pre-owned car dealership from which to buy your car.

So much for the potential cons – onto the pros!

Better for the Environment

Using second-hand cars are a great way to prevent excess mining and chemical processes from being necessary. Each new car comes with a large carbon footprint from the manufacturing process, but this is amortised a little each year. This means that buying a two- or three-year-old car is already environmentally friendlier than buying a new one, even an electric vehicle which will make greater green strides from not using fossil fuels – this saving must be weighed against the EV manufacturing process.

Cheaper in So Many Ways

Pre-owned cars are cheaper than new ones, and this saving is increased with every year that passes. As well as saving on the retail price, you will also save on insurance which tends to be set according to the retail price of a vehicle, and other taxes and premiums will similarly be reduced. Spare parts for new cars tend to be both harder to find and more expensive than those for older cars, simply because there is likely to be more demand for them.

Whatever your reasons are for going pre-owned over new, the experts are on your side. If you are looking for a reliable car dealership for this purchase, then we suggest you take a look at KAP Motors. They offer pre-inspected & warranted second hand cars with easy financing options. Book today at KAP Used Cars Brighton Autocentre.

Be safe and sensible and you will soon have your dream pre-loved car parked in your driveway!