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Fab Father’s Day Cards

There is nothing better than receiving a kids made card and Father’s Day is no exception.  I love getting creative with the MiniMads and coming up with ideas for this years card for MadDad.  The boys love their father and there is something about watching the Husbeast with his boys that makes me go weak at the knees.

fathers day cards

It is so wonderful to watch the boys make something for their dad and to talk to them about why they love him so much. So here are some fab Father’s Day cards for kids to make


Fab Father’s Day cards that kids can make

  1. Sticker resist father’s day card
  2. Tie card for preschoolers
  3. One in a minion card
  4. Monster hugs father’s day card
  5. World’s greatest farter Father card
  6. I love you father’s day card
  7. Super Dad card with free printable
  8. Hands father’s day card
  9. I love my daddy card
  10. Dad you’re a star card
  11. You have all the tools father’s day card
  12. Origami father’s day card
  13. Dad rocks card
  14. Montessori inspired father’s day card
  15. Free printable father’s day cards
  16. Yoda father’s day card
  17. 5 things I love about Dad card
  18. Fingerprint father’s day card
  19. Light up father’s day card
  20. World’s greatest dad card and free printable
  21. A little bird told me card
  22. Car father’s day card
  23. Super rad printable card
  24. Out of this world father’s day card
kid made fathers day cards
Fab fathers day cards for kids to make

If you like these cards, then why not take a look at our free father’s day printable

free fathers day printable square

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