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Food glorious food. I have a love/hate relationship with feeding my family. I adore cooking when I have time and the inclination but being responsible for providing a meal every night sucks the joy out of it. We have got a bit stuck in a rut when it comes to food and I have been sticking to tried and tested meals that I know everyone will eat. When I posted about this on Instagram so many people agreed with me and for me it is all about family meal planning.

So I decided to pull together a list of fabulous family meal planning ideas. An ever-growing resource for the hassled family cook. Somewhere that you can come and look when you want to change up meals or introduce something new.

Family Meal planning Ideas

There are a number of ace blogs that I visit that I always know will come up with the goods when it comes to meals that my family will eat and enjoy. These are meals that are simple to prepare and cook but really hit the spot.

Utterly Scrummy Food for Families – Michelle always inspired with her weekly menu plans and associated shopping lists.

My Fussy Eater – I know my kids’ are not fussy eaters at all, but Ciara always produces fabulous family food that is fuss-free and simple.

Thinly Spread – Full of vegan and vegetarian recipes that are perfect for families. I have always loved Chris’ food and her Leek Tart is a firm favorite here.

Today We Cooked – I love Claire’s Instagram account and that fact that her recipes are all about being inclusive and prepared and made by and for the family.

Fabulous Family Meal planning Ideas

Vegetarian Family Friendly recipes

Fabulous Family Meal planning Ideas


Fabulous Family Meal planning Ideas


Fabulous Family Meal planning Ideas

For me, meal planning on a weekly basis is the only way I manage cooking for everyone. The husbeast tends to cook at the weekend and the meal plan accommodates the nights where we have to reheat food and cannot all sit down together and eat.

We tend to eat quite seasonally and usually make a plan on a Wednesday night for the following week. I ask the boys what they enjoyed and if there is anything they fancy and then plan my food shop accordingly. I also try and make sure that we use up leftovers, so if we are having meat then other meals that week will be able to use up any leftovers. So a roast chicken, can be chicken soup, chicken curry, risotto and much more.

Make sure you grab download one of our free meal planning resources.

I would love to keep updating this resource – so make sure you either leave a comment or get in touch with any of your favourite family meals.