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Famileo – A Great Gift For Grandparents

Famileo – A Great Gift For Grandparents is a paid collaborative post, however, as always all opinions are my own. I don’t know about you, but my inlaws (the boys’ grandparents) are still pretty old-school and even though they have a tablet, they love a newspaper and that is the genius behind Famileo. Famileo is a family newspaper that gets sent to the recipient on a monthly basis populated by the rest of the family.

Famileo - The Best Gift for Grandparents

About Famileo

Famileo is an app that allows you to produce a printed newspaper on a regular basis. Basically, it is like a family what’s app group you can add photos and information and then it is gathered together, printed and sent to the recipient.

It allows people to capture memories and enables family members to share them in a newspaper on a regular basis. You subscribe to the most appropriate plan (we are on the £5.99 one-gazette a-month plan), which you can cancel at any time at no cost.

Famileo - The Best Gift for Grandparents

How does Famileo work

You subscribe to Famileo and then share it will as many family members as you want, personally, I think the more the merrier.

We think of Famileo as a Family Whats App Group and then at the end of the month the photos and notes we have shared between us are turned into a pysical newpaper and sent to my inlaws.

Signing up was super easy and then I downloaded the app on my phone as most of my images are taken on my phone. I was then invited by brother inlaw to participate with a simple text message and link. You can also send an email (and Famileo has made it super easy with a template for you to explain everything).

We then just added photos and information to the app as and when they happened, just like we share on our family Whats App Group.

The printed format has been studied and validated by occupational therapists, in order to make it easy for older folk to read. The Gazette is in A4 format and contains up to 30 messages, on a maximum of 16 pages. The layout is automatic and messages appear in the order they were posted by the family.

Famileo - The Best Gift for Grandparents

What I Love about Famileo

  • I love the fact that you can upload a single photo or multiple photos in a collage and it is straightforward.
  • It keeps all the family connected allowing older members (the boys’ grandparents in our case) who are not internet savvy and don’t use Facebook etc up to date with all the happenings in the family.
  • The joy on their faces seeing all the news is totally priceless. They loved it and liked that they could share it with their friends when they visit and it is a permanent reminder of events.
  • It is super easy to use and you can invite as many people to contribute as you like at no extra cost. Currently, it is set at 60 people per family group, but they can adjust that if needed.
  • You can pause your membership if you are having a quiet month or two.
  • You can have a kitty on the app so that everyone can contribute to paying for it, rather than one person taking responsibility and having to collect the money.
  • You get up to 30 messages per gazette and you don’t have to worry about making it look pretty as Famileo does that for you.
  • There are no hidden costs. The plan includes postage to any country in the world.
Famileo - The Best Gift for Grandparents

Why do you need Famileo?

My boys’ grandparents adore receiving physical photographs of their grandchildren and now our family is growing up the opportunity to visit is reducing. They have a granddaughter at university already and Maxi is due to start Uni next year. Famileo allows them to stay in the loop and feel included. It brings all the generations together and will be cherished and bring continuing happiness to them.

It takes away the responsibility of printing photographs or producing photobooks from just one family member and shares it between all the family if they have access to a phone or the internet.

I wish this had been around when the boys were younger, it would have been an amazing way to keep their grandparents updated especially as we lived a fair distance away when Maxi was born.

Famileo - The Best Gift for Grandparents

Signup for Famileo now

It is not often I say that you NEED something but Famlieo is something I really wish had been around sooner. It would have made my life as a daughter-in-law so much easier. It would have taken some of the pressure of keeping my inlaws in the loop. It would have split the responsibility more equally between me and my husband and it would have provided a lasting record of our family that they could keep dipping into. What can I say, I love, it, and they love it – what is not to love?