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Family Beach Essentials

The boys have less than three weeks left at school and this is the time each year that I start putting together our beach essential bag.

In years gone by we have gone straight from school to the beach, but the weather at the moment means that just hasn’t happened.  However, the uncertainty of the weather also means that it is worth having a bag with essentials in the boot of the car, so if we get a good days weather we can just go straight there and make the most of it and also beat the traffic.


beach essentials by mum-themadhouse on Polyvore

So what are my essentials:

  • For me it is a decent pair of shoes, I love these womens fitflops from the  MoZiMo Website.  I tend to go bare foot on the dry sand, but as our beach goes a long way out, I like trainer style shoes to walk on it!.
  • I also suggest large bright beach towels (great place markers) and also good for sitting on and getting dry.
  • UV wear for the boys.  Yes we always have sunscreen on, but the more protection the better.
  • Even at 7 and 8 the boys love toweling robes.  perfect for getting warm and dry.
  • A large bag for putting it all in
  • Kindle – just for me!
  • Beach toys, such as balls, kites, bucket and spades.
  • baby powder or talk, perfect for removing sand before putting shoes on
  • Water
  • Beach kettle and cups.  There is always time and the need for tea.
  • I also have in the car, a beach tent, windbreak and spare change for the parking meter and fish, chips and ice creams.

We are often one of the first families on the beach or one of the last off.  We are happy to go early or late.  In fact some of the best times on the beach as later in the afternoon.  As long as we are all warm we have a super time and are really looking forward to spending some time with Alvin on the beach over the summer.

For those of you with dogs, what do you take for them?


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