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We love board games and have a regular family games night every week in The Mad House.  We are rather over-competitive when it comes to games and have a cupboard full of games to choose from.  The MiniMads are currently 9 and nearly 8.

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Sleeping Queens

We read about this on Iota’s blog and we love it.  It is a simple card game, but is so much fun.   It is one of those games that doesn’t drive the adult insane when playing with the children.  It is also compact so takes no storage and is great for travelling.  We played this a lot on our recent trip to Center Parcs.

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The object of SET is to identify “sets” of three cards. Each card is unique in its four features; color – red, green or purple, symbol – diamond, squiggle or oval, shading – solid, striped or open, and number.  I can confirm that age is no advantage with this game and the boys manage to beat me pretty much every time we play it!


Now we have a really old school Boggle set (which me and MadDad used to play over 20 years ago).  Now the boys are at an age where it has really come in to its own.  In fact Mini can often win with his amazing number of three letter words that he gets.


We have recently graduated from Junior Monopoly to the regular game and yes it can be a LONG game (which we tend to play over a number of evenings), but the boys are getting much better at the whole strategy of buying and paying rents etc.


We actually prefer Bananagrams to Scrabble at the moment as a family, perhaps due to the fact that it is faster, more compact and we play in teams with one adult and a child.  It is also great to play as a solo player and again is super compact so doesnt take up much space and is great for taking away with you.

What are your favorite family board games? Check out how to choose board games for kids.

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