Family essentials for an Easter holiday

Warmer weather is just around the corner and that means family holidays are just around the corner too! Packing the bags for everyone in a family can be a stressful process but for this reason it can be made easier by writing a list. If you start it well in advance of your holiday, you can add things as and when you think of them, rather than having to remember everything on the day you pack. The good thing about a checklist is that you can check the contents of your bags against it when you unpack too.

on the plane

Let’s start with some of the items you’ll need in your handbag or hand luggage. You must have all of your passports if you’re going abroad, Global Health Insurance Card (which replaced the old E111s) and any other details of travel, flights and accommodation. You’ll also need payment methods (either debit/credit cards and/or travellers cheques and cash in pounds and your destination’s currency), medication, water and snacks. Any sharp items such as scissors or tweezers will need to go in your hold (checked-in) luggage if you’re flying.

As kids get fed up very quickly when travelling, save them (and yourself) from the pain of boredom by packing them games, toys and books to keep them well entertained. If budget allows, it is worth considering buying them something new for the holiday so that it’s still a novelty to play with.

When it comes to beauty products, it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend ages doing your hair and cosmetics. So the best holiday makeup tips include keeping it simple and fuss-free. Pack waterproof mascara if you’ll be spending time in the water, and maybe save the other basics for evenings out. Skin care is important on holiday – take day and night moisturiser and be sure to remove any foundation you wear at the end of the day to avoid breakouts. Look after your feet too if they’ll be in sandals all day – Cosmopolitan has a great article about getting your feet ready for the summer. You’ll also need high factor sun cream for yourself and the children, sun block and after sun. Remember that your toiletries and beauty products need to meet airport regulations.

Although you don’t want to end up being like a walking chemist, it’s important you have some basic medicines and first aid items to hand in an emergency. Adult- and child-friendly painkillers are essential, as are travel sickness tablets, diarrhoea medicines, antiseptic cream, antihistamine and plasters.

In terms of clothing, check out the local weather report online before you go and pack accordingly. As a general rule, if you’re going somewhere hot, although you’ll want thin, light fabrics and you won’t be wearing so much, you do need to cover up between 12 and 3 when the sun is at its hottest as well as when the temperature drops in the evening. So pack a variety of clothes that will allow you to cover up. Don’t forget your sunglasses, hats, swimming costumes and beach towels.

If you’re heading to a colder destination, of course pack lots of thick clothing as well as items that will keep you dry if it snows or rains. Take hats, gloves, scarves and waterproof jackets as well as garments that can be layered up.