How to make a Family fingerprint heart art canvas 23

I am a sucker for making art as a family and love things that we can display seasonally, just take a look at our family art christmas tree to see what I mean.  This family fingerprint heart art canvas is so simple to make and is perfect for making together as a family.

fingerprint heart art canvass

How to make a fingerprint heart canvas


heart art materials

  1. Canvas (I love the canvas panels ones for little fingers as they can press as hard as they like without damaging the tension)
  2. Paint – We used red and white acrylic paint, but any paint works including poster paint or even ink pads
  3. Paper
  4. Low tack tape


Draw a heart on to a piece of paper and cut it out the size you want .  If you want something more precise then print out a heart and cut it out.

Fasten the stencil to the canvas with low tack tape.

Mini and maxi fingerprint heart art

Place some red and white paint on to a paper plate or palate.  I love that the white and red gets all mixed up so lots of different shades of pink.  It is also a great way to discuss colour mixing with the kids.

finger print heart art canvass

Take turns in dipping finger in and making fingerprints on the canvass

Allow to dry before removing stencil

fingerprint heart canvass

Date the canvass and display!

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