Family games for a perfect family night in – Win your ultimate night in package with Velvet 5

Do you have an ideal night in?  Velvet Facial Tissues wanted to know about our perfect night in as part of their competition to win an ultimate night in package worth £1500.  As our boys are growing, up our idea of a great family night in are changing.  We love spending quality time together as a family and as the darker nights are here we tend to spend more time indoors with our family and friends.  I love that we can have fun at home and really enjoy their company.

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Win your Ultimate Night in Package with Velvet

Velvet Facial Tissues are offering you the chance to win an ultimate night in bundle worth £1500 each week (See here for full terms and conditions).  The amazing prize features all you need for a relaxing evening at home, including a 40” TV, DVD home theatre, games console with games and a 4-month subscription to stream the latest TV shows and movies.  For those who prefer simpler pleasures, it also includes delicious foodie treats, board games and comfy throws, which would be right up our street.  For your chance to win, simply pick up a promotional pack of Velvet Classic or Balm facial tissues and follow the instructions on pack.

I have to say that I love our current Saturday night tradition for me at this moment in time it is pretty much near my ultimate night in.  We start by preparing pizza dough earlier in the day.  We have been making our own pizza’s since the boys were tiny and now they can make them on their own.  But there is something delightful about the four of us working together in the kitchen.  Plus Pizza means that the boys get to eat their dinner in front of the TV instead of the dining table, which is a real treat for them!

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Then it is time to get the board games out and have family games night whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing.


Then it is time to snuggle up on the sofa or behind a cushion for me as we watch Dr Who.


Once the kids are in bed, me and the husbeast like to sit and catch up with some of the TV shows that we have recorded.  Currently we are loving Blacklist.  Then it is off to bed.

As you can see there is nothing fancy about my ultimate night in, other than it is spent with the people I love the most.  We make sure that our phones are all turned on to silent and that we concentrate on each other.  Although board games do often have a large part to play!

Family Games for the perfect night in


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Last year I wrote about our favorite family board games for kids between 7 and 11.  This year I am sharing ones that are perfect for groups and families of all age.

Pie Face  UK Link/US Link or Splat which is a cheaper version.  I have bought this for our Family Christmas Eve party and can not wait to get it out.  I can imagine that we will have lots of fun with it.  OK, so I know that it isnt going to be up everyones street, but I am all about family fun!

Rapidough.  UK Link/US Link.  We LOVE this game, it levels the playing field between ages.  If you have some play dough then why not try Frugal Family’s version.

Pictionary UK Link/US Link.  Pictionary is one of the most family friendly games I know.  We have often played it on the boys old easel.  We pair and adult and a child.

Pointless Board Game UK Link/US Link.  My boys love Pointless on TV and have really enjoyed this board game version.  It is perfect for kids that are fact driven and great for lots of family fun.
The Logo Board Game UK Link/US Link.  My kids are infuriatingly good at this game and I always have the brand on the tip of my tongue!
Ticket to Ride UK Link/US Link. Since its release in 2004, Ticket to Ride has become one of the most successful games of all time.  It is a big favorite in our home.
Dobble UK Link, Spot It US Link.  This lives in my bag.  It is one of the most played games that we own,  It is great for the boys on their own, but also fun for all the family as it is a visual game.
Qwirkle Game UK Link/US Link.  This is a game all about matching colours and simples, but you do need some tactical thinking.  Maxi always beats me at Qwirkle

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