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My friend Cass at Frugal Family made a hand print Christmas Tree a couple of years ago, which I have admired each year, but the thought of cutting out all those hand prints really put me off because I am far too lazy.  So I put my thinking cap on and when I was in the bargain store the other day I saw an A2 sized canvass for less that £3 and had an epiphany and the above is what was made.

I used things that I had in, so tempura paint in green and then added a little blue to darken it.  Paper plates to hold the paint and decided that we would all get involved, even MadDad.

We had a great time making it and started with the largest hands at the bottom and then did each line with smaller ones.  Even the star at the top is the boys fingers.  Once the tree was dry we added a fingerprint garland and I used brown paint to add the date as the trunk of the tree.

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