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There is something special about picking up a recipe book or a handwritten recipe that is marked with fingerprints, oil splatters and the holds in it all the history of the times that meal has been cooked for loved ones.

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My mum didn’t have a recipe book, she cooked from memory, she even baked from memory.  She was an excellent cook and other than a few notes in an old Mrs Beeton’s Cookery book from 1959 and a Bero Book with notes in and a few pages torn out of magazines.  Then she died so suddenly a lot of her fabulous recipes died with her.  

So I have been writing out all of the recipes I cook on a regular basis for the boys.  Yes they already have an online recipe book via the blog of all the meals we have made as a family, but I want them to have something tactile they can pick up and hold and use.

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I have been writing the recipes out on cards and then Not on the High Street sent me a wonderful recipe box for Mothers Day and it made my day.

It is a beautifully unique, wooden recipe box to store all those homemade, hand written recipes.

The box features two distinct internal compartments, to separate specific cuisines, and a set of 10 hand pressed Recipe cards to record your tried and tested meals.  It is ideal for preserving recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

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The beautiful recipe box is crafted from Birch wood, and can incorporate a personalised, engraved design, making it totally unique.

This is not a small recipe box.It measure L29.0cm x W17.5 x H12.5 with internal dimensions of L27.7cm x W16.0cm x H11.0cm, split into two compartments measuring L11.0cm x W16.0cm x H11.0cm and L16.3cm x W16.0cm x H11.0cm respectively.

Free printable recipe card


recipe cards free printable

I decided to make my own cards to pop in our new family recipe box and I wanted to share my recipe cards them with  you as a free printable.

Do you have any family recipes?  I would love to see them.

recipe card printable