Family Treasures Old and New 3

I have been reminded this weekend of why I make thing with the boys and for the boys.
We have been decorating gingerbread house’s at my mums with my niece and we put up the snowmen decorations I made when I was 8 so they are 28 years old and the minimads loved them.
I have to say the houses which we from Ikea were a nightmare to fix together and eventually both collaspsed under the weight of three children and excess sweets I fear.
But as you can see they had a fantastic time making them.
We also dropped off the plate I had decorated for my Neice and the boys for their treats for Santa.

I had a great time decorating them with paint that we already had and the plates were 90p each from Morrisons.  They only took about 20 minutes each and are now dishwasher safe.

I hope that these become the fur snowmen of the future.
We did have an eventful drive home though.  It started snowing again when the children were having their dinner and we set off as soon as they had finished.  What should have been a 20 minute trip home, took us three hours.
We woke to a wonderful winter wonderland this morning.