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I have a friend that always buys the best gifts.  She is a gift fairy and someone that I aspire to be.  There is a real knack for buying the perfect gift, a gift that will be loved and used. This is a duel gift guide as it works as Dad’s gift guide for the festive season or birthdays but also fathers day gift guide. This Men’s gift guide to help you no matter what his style find a gift that a Dad will use or love day in and day out

Fab Fathers Day Gift Ideas. We bribed the husband with some Malteezers and a cup of Columbian and this is the Fathers Day Gift Guide we came up with!

Men’s Gift Guide

This gift guide includes affiliate links, which means that if you purchase after clicking on my link, I might get a few extra pennies (enough to keep me in tea), but they will cost you NO MORE. 

Fab Fathers Day Gift Ideas. We bribed the husband with some Malteezers and a cup of Columbian and this is the Fathers Day Gift Guide we came up with!

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s Shaver

This is the current shaver that the husband has and it was a series 3 shaver that transformed the way he shaved when he first got one back in 2014.

It is a great shaver and works for him whether he is clean-shaven or has facial hair.  It is a wet or dry shave and one charge lasts a whole week. We have also both this for both of our teenage boys.

My husband wears a suit every day to work and, therefore, wears a tie too. So a tie clip is a perfect gift for him. A tie clip prevents his tie from dropping when he is working.

Tassimo Machine

The husbeast would LOVE a bean to cup machine, but they are way out of our price range, however, he does love the Tassimo machine we have.  He thinks it makes a great cup of coffee and the boys are big fans of the Suchard hot chocolate.  A big benefit of the Tassimo is that the boys have been able to make a decent cup of coffee for years, as we let them use it much earlier than we did the kettle.  We have had 2 machines since 2013 and wouldn’t be without one.  We keep our disks and then send them back to be recycled using the  Terracycle scheme.  We collect our used T-discs and once we have a good box full we print off a label and send the disks to be recycled.  We have nominated a preferred charity to receive donations.

Retro Sweets

Often the way to a man’s heart is through his mouth! MadDad loves introducing the boys to retro sweets.  They have a laugh and decide which is the best!

Bar Sign

We might not be bi alcohol drinkers but we do have a bar filled with non-alcoholic drinks for adults and I love this neon bar sign. It is an ace present and being battery operated it can move around and is perfect for indoor and outdoor parties plus it is under £20.

Do you have someone that is a football fan to nut for – we have someone in our life that is a lifelong Sunderland supporter and this year we have opted for a bottle of handcrafted British vodka officially licensed by Sunderland FC by Bohemian Brands which we are putting inside one of my DIY Christmas printed bottle bags.

Personalised Plant Pot

I am a big fan of Snapdragon, they produce affordable and unique pieces.  Succulents are a great gift and a personalised plant pot is a great idea and do you recognise that drawing?

Dad Sweatshirt

I blooming love Parent Apparel and am just waiting for them to do clothes for fat chicks!  Until that happens it will be all about the Dads here.  This is perfect for MadDad who’s New Year’s resolution was to be grumpy with style! He currently has a Waking Dad T-shirt from Parent Apparel and it is great quality and washes well showing no sign of the letters coming off (even after tumble drying)

Bluetooth Speaker

Although he might not share it, MadDad loves a good boogie and he loves being able to listen to his music anywhere.  This cube speaker looks and sounds great and is really affordable.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

What is it with men, they love the lure of cooking outside and an outdoor pizza oven is a great addition if you already have a BBQ.  Our pizza base tastes amazing when cooked in a wood fired pizza oven!

No room for an outdoor pizza oven then check out the fabulous indoor pizza oven that we use each Saturday.


The husbeast had a fab Dad is King mug from Emma Bridgewater from 2012 and last week it cracked! He was distraught, so we will be replacing it with a new one.

Message Beans

These magic beans are laser engraved with different messages. The beans quickly sprout to reveal a special personalised message engraved on the plant’s central bean. A guaranteed hit for the kids and for Dad too.

An Experience Day

Experience being more lasting happiness than things and there really is something to suit every Dad, including a sausage making day, craft brewing experience, bread making class, foraging class or even a blacksmithing workshop.

Fab Fathers Day Gift Ideas. We bribed the husband with some Malteezers and a cup of Columbian and this is the Fathers Day Gift Guide we came up with!

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