Blogs are like children, you don’t have favorites, they are all unique! 28

I am something of a blogging OAP and I saw a post where bloggers where sharing their favorite bloggers and I thought I would join in.  But the thing is blogs are like children, it is wrong to have favorites.  So I am going to share with you some blogs that rock my world at this moment in time!

blogs are like children


Cathy blogs about play ideas.  She started blogging not long after I did and she is an inspiration to me.  Her blog is full of inspirational, simple and effective prompts for play, crafting and fun.  Every sunday she sends out a newsletter that is filled with a weeks play activities. She also writes and publishes ebooks which are filled with amazing activities for babes, toddlers and older children.  Oh and she also has an app too with over 800 ideas and activities on.

The Diary of a Frugal Family

Cass blogs about maximising what you have, whether that be money, time or making memories.  Her kindness and generosity of spirit shines through in everything she does including her blog.   She has some great ideas and I love her series on teaching children the value of money.

I am proud to say that though blogging Cass and her family have become friends as we live near each other and she and her family have become our friends and she is always there when I need her.

Thinly Spread

Chris is one of those people whose integrity is admirable.  She blogs about family life with four children aged from 18 through to 8 and also is an avid supporter of Save the Children.  She is one of those people that is generous of spirit and also a great listener and advice giver.  I have been lucky enough to be a receiver of her sound advice on numerous occasions.  I also hope that when the time comes for my children to spread their wings I can only be half as gracious about it as she is.

The White Approach

When you see Karen’s home in pictures you would never guess it is filled with twin nine year old boys and an 18 year old too.  It is a wonderful haven of white.  It is stylish and seems oh so aspirational, but the beauty of Karen’s home is that it really is very achievable and she shares that with you via her blog ands how she has achieved it on a very tight budget.

I can atest to the fact that her house is a warm, inviting and very practical home because over the years she has become a family friend and her boys and my boys adore each other and what more we have been welcomed in to her home.

Utterly Scrummy food for family

Michelle provides fantastic family friendly food inspiration.  Her meal plans are amazing, budget friendly but more than that include food that is tasty, easy to prepare and cook.  They are perfect for busy families.  Each week Michelle provides a meal plan including a shopping list.

Her recipes are perfect for my growing boys and I love that they are easy to make, but tasty and nutritious too.

Head in Book

Oh how much do I love this blog……….. it is hard to put into words.  The fab Head in Book says what I am thinking, but with much more eloquence.  She talks about current events and politics in a way that everyone can relate to.  She makes me think, she makes me question the status quo. She doesn’t accept that things have to stay the same.  Oh but better than that she understands irony!

Mortgage Free in Three

This blog is all about saving money and making money. It is about frugal stuff that works.  Elaine shows me how to make a little go a long way.  Not only does Elaine gives loads of advice, ideas and methods of saving money, but she provides you inspiration for making money too.  All this whilst she is growing men.  

But the thing about Elaine isn’t just that she blogs about all this, but she actually offers help and advice on how you can become more money savvy.  She is a wise woman who I have learned a lot from.

Susannah Conway

It is hard to explain exactly what Susannah Blogs about, but her blog always leaves me thinking.  It encompasses spirituality and mindfulness. it is a place of kind words and forgiving nature.  It is all about learning to accept the person you are and be at peace with your inner self without losing the urge to be a better self. It is where I go when I need to feel the wind in my hair and the sand between my toes.

 The People Shop – Alison’s Blog

Alison Sadler is one of those people that you want to be best friends with.  She has an innate sense of style and her love of colour and design makes me smile.  She is so giving with her craft tutorials and I want her to be my new BFF.

She inspires me to craft more for craftings sake.  To let my creativity flow.  But more than this, she brings together hundreds of crafters, makers and designers on Instragram every Monday for her #makeitsewcial chats and show and tells.

The AR Blog

The musings of Becky and the photo’s of Becky and Tom grabbed me by my heart and then picked me up and shock me.  There was and still is something about their images that imprinted themselves on me.  The way they capture the everyday moments, the simplicity of the images countered with the complexity of the everyday is just amazing.

Plus we have a shared love of yellow and who couldn’t love a woman that tells you that giving blood burns in excess of 650 calories!

So these are some of my current favorite reads over a lot of genre’s from crafting, play, politics, food, parenting, lifestyle and finance.  So come and share your favorite reads of the moment as there is nothing nicer than finding a new read.