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Feeding my soul

I have spent the afternoon with that permanent butterflies in tummy feeling you get when things are out of hand.  The bank can not help, with the financial market in the UK at the moment and the drop in house prices we do not qualify for a mortgage break or a further advance.
So I have been baking, making treats to cheer the soul.  I love cooking and baking,  I love providing for my family.  I love the whole process, from gathering the ingredients, measuring it, mixing, watching it cook, smelling the wonderful aromas, seeing the end results, I even dont mind cleaning the kitchen and washing the pots afterwards.  There is something so fulfilling in it all.
So this afternoon I have made leek and potato soup for me and MadDad, Sausage casserole for the boys, multi seed bread, raisin and oat cookies and Peanut Butter and Jam Thumbprints from Martha Stewart, which I saw on Life with Little Ones blog this morning.  I changed a few things, I used chunky peanut butter (as it was in my cupboard) and I didn’t roll in the sugar.  But they are really nice small morsels of yumminess.
Best thing of all was the ingredients were all out of my cupboards.  I have been thinking about my previous post and please accept my apologies for the self centered nature of it.  The thing is I can not talk to anyone other than MadDad about this and I dont want to put any more pressure on him.  He is a wonderful husband, a fantastic father and mt best friend all rolled in to one and as if to prove this he has just range to say his boss overheard him on the phone to the bank and has offered us a small loan to keep the bailiffs away this month.    It is more than we could have ever expected and a really above and beyond, we are truly blessed.

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