Watching your children do things that scare them 20

The week before Spring break is always a busy one at school, lots of busy children cramming in lots of activities and lots of parents finding the time to go in and help and also see what there children have been up too.


The last time I went to see a play Maxi was in my mum came along and she sat next to me and held my hand through out it, this time MadDad and a family friend came along instead to see Maxi perform in his AFA celebration to  the classic Wizard of Oz.

I have said previously that my boy doesn’t do dressing up, so imagine my joy when I saw that he was dressed up as the tin man.  I had no idea he would be dressed up, he had refused to let me come to the weekly AFA family time.

It was a very emotional and joyous performance as a lot of the children involved have confidence issues (not something Maxi has). What a wonderful interpretation of a great film and they all added their inimitable style to it.  Telling us which character they liked best (The wicked Witch of the West) and showing us collages of emotions.  I am so glad that we were all there to see this and even managed to get Mini brought out of class to sit with some of the other children watching.  They had also performed to the whole school (600) children.

So way to go Maxi, thank you for doing something new, for making the effort to try.  I wanted to say how proud we were at watching our big boy do something which we know is clearly out of his comfort zone, but no one else would have ever guessed.  You are a super star and we love you.

Anyway we capped off such a fab day with an evening in Whitby with fish and chips at The Magpie (a real treat) and an hour enjoying the fantastic weather.